A Study of Traffic Noise Affecting Residential Properties along Expressways - Dissertation Example

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A Study of Traffic Noise Affecting Residential Properties along Expressways By Lui Kam Fai (Student No: 20510542) Dissertation Report B Eng (Hons) Buildings Services & Sustainable Engineering 2012/2013 Semester NT3048 Dissertation 21-1-2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter1.0Introduction 4 1.1Introduction 4 1.2 Research Aim 5 1.3 Research Objectives 5 1.4 Research Questions 5 1.5 Rationale for the Research Topic 6 1.6 Scope of the Research 7 1.7: Purposed Methodology 8 1.8: Limitations 8 1.9: Structure of the Dissertation 9 1.10: Summary 10 Chapter2.0 Literature Review 11 2.1 Introduction 11 2.2 Traffic Noise Issue 11 2.3 Traffic Noise Issue in Hong Kong 13 2.4 Road Surface used In Hong Kong 15 2.5 …
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A Study of Traffic Noise Affecting Residential Properties along Expressways
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"A Study of Traffic Noise Affecting Residential Properties along Expressways"

Download file to see previous pages Ethical Considerations 34 3.8: Strengths of the Methodology 35 3.9: Limitations of the Methodology 35 3.10: Summary 35 Chapter 4.0 Results and Discussion 36 4.1 Introduction 36 4.2 Interview Analysis 36 4.3: Personal Interpretation of the Researcher of Interviews 44 4.4: Summary 45 Chapter 5.0 Conclusions and Recommendations 46 5.1 Introduction 46 5.2: Conclusion 46 5.3: Recommendations for Mitigating Traffic Noise 50 5.4: Recommendations for Future Research 50 5.5: Summary 51 BIBLIOGRAPHY 52 APPENDIX 55 A. Interview Letter 55 B. Consent Form 56 List of Figures and Photos Figure-1: Retrofitting Works along Fanling Highway for figure in Chapter-2…………….23 Figure-2: Retrofitting Works along Cheung Pai Shan Road for figure in Chapter-2………23 Figure-3: Use of Low Noise Material on Chiu Shun Road for figure in Chapter-2………..24 Figure-4: Use of Low Noise Material on Deep Bay Link for figure in Chapter-2…………24 Figure-5: Banning Heavy Vehicles on Tsing Fung Street during Nights, Chapter-2………25 Figure-6: Pedestrianisation Scheme at Causeway Bay for figure in Chapter-2………….....26 Figure-7: Awareness Initiative by EPD on Noise Issue for figure in Chapter-2……………27 CHAPTER-1: INTRODUCTION 1.1: Introduction Road traffic has emerged as one of the most basic areas of concern for many residential properties across the world and Hong Kong is no more an exception when it comes to facing traffic noises and disturbance especially for residents residing along expressways. Road traffic has emerged as one of the prime reasons behind noise pollution affecting millions of people around the world. The situation is all the more worse for people residing along expressways as the traffic noise causes health concerns and frustration (Field, 1993). The level of traffic noises has been increasing at an alarming rate and householders are finding it difficult to maintain a healthy and noise free life. Moreover, traffic noises in wee hours affect the sleep and mood of householders leading to irritation and frustration (Espey and Lopez, 2000) The research aims to investigate traffic noise affecting residential buildings along expressways in Hong Kong. Hong Kong like any other city in the world faces its share of traffic noises affecting the life of millions of people. There is no doubt that the economy of Hong Kong has grown in last few decades mainly because of the expansion of business and commercial activities. This has also led to an increase in the level of traffic noises ad business and commercial activities are very much driven by transportation. The impact has been severe in densely populated areas of the city but even expressways have been the major concern for many householders considering the fact that large numbers of vehicles move at wee hours causing mental stress and hearing problems (Hughes and Sirmans, 1992) The Government of Hong Kong has been focusing on reducing the level of traffic noise by planning and policies implementation but the major issue of traffic noise for residents along expressways ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Study of Traffic Noise Affecting Residential Properties Along Dissertation)
A Study of Traffic Noise Affecting Residential Properties Along Dissertation. https://studentshare.org/architecture/1402078-a-study-of-traffic-noise-affecting-residential.
“A Study of Traffic Noise Affecting Residential Properties Along Dissertation”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/architecture/1402078-a-study-of-traffic-noise-affecting-residential.
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