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The Cultural Representatives of of Neolithic Period - Thesis Example

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The current thesis presents a comprehensive study of the Neolithic age with a focus being laid on its culture. Specifically, the writer of the document will analyze the cultural developments of China, Europe, Egypt and Mesopotamia throughout the Neolithic era.

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The Cultural Representatives of of Neolithic Period
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Extract of sample "The Cultural Representatives of of Neolithic Period"

Download file to see previous pages In the years when climatic conditions were extremely cold, enormous ice sheets covered the seas, while in the inter-glaciations period, due to the melting of the glaciers, the sea level rose considerably, submerging vast landmasses. The flora and fauna of landmasses corresponded to changes due to the climatic and geological conditions, and man or homo- sapiens fashioned their lives in accordance with all these changes.
Traditionally, the periods in prehistory take their names from the kind of material or technology that was used to make tools. Thus, archaeologists have divided the various periods in time as Paleolithic (Old Stone) Age, Neolithic (New Stone) Age, Copper Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age, which are further divided into early, middle or late periods. The study of people during the prehistoric period is done by analyzing the material remains of the period, uncovered through archaeological excavations. These excavations carried out at gravesites or another inhabited area gives us a glimpse into the lives of men and women during the various stages of the evolution of mankind and the earth.
Before we launch into a study of the Neolithic age, it is important to understand the lives of the people who lived in the previous age, i.e., the Paleolithic age. During this period men hunted animals, gathered plants, made fires and used animal skin to protect their bodies from the harsh cold climate. The tools they used were fashioned out of wood and stone and were also made of animal bones. Human existence during this period was rife with dangers or fear of wild animals. During the Paleolithic Age men were always on the move, either to gather food or to protect themselves from wild animals.
Between the years 12000-5000 B.C, the glaciers melted away and ushered in a climate much milder than what was prevailing till then, especially in the Mediterranean regions. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Cultural Representatives of of Neolithic Period Thesis.
(The Cultural Representatives of of Neolithic Period Thesis)
The Cultural Representatives of of Neolithic Period Thesis.
“The Cultural Representatives of of Neolithic Period Thesis”.
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