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Archaeology of Nadia Abu E-Haj - Essay Example

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The author discusses a rationale behind the colonial architecture is traced to a colonial power. The author discusses the heritage of Jerusalem differently from how Nadia Abu E-Haj discussed archeology, nationhood, and settlement. Nadia discussed how archeology relates to nationhood and settlement…
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Archaeology of Nadia Abu E-Haj
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Extract of sample "Archaeology of Nadia Abu E-Haj"

Nadia Abu E-Haj discusses on archeology, nationhood, and settlement. According to him, the historical and social scientific scholarship seeks to understand how production of memory happens. The author clearly carries out an analysis on nationalism and making memory. Nationalists are said to belief in the continuity of history, social and political aspects. I support with no doubt that, practice of archeology is not an instance of making or generating memory. The author has deeply examined how securing archeology is considered as an intellectual pursuit. The practice of nationhood and archeology are entangled. According to the author despite the information that archeology is a national practice, there are nations that are not interested. I agree that there are speakers that carry out the role of a society in guiding national educational project. The Jewish society is not the only society that engages in teaching value antiques to the public (Elhaj 218).
Ron Fachus and Gilbert Herbert on the other hand, discuss on a colonial portrait of Jerusalem. The architecture of Palestine is discussed and the landscape deeply discussed. The author discusses the rationale behind the colonial architecture is traced to colonial power. The author has discussed the heritage of Jerusalem differently from how Nadia Abu E-Haj discussed archeology, nationhood, and settlement. Nadia mostly discussed on how archeology relates to nationhood and settlement but Ron has widely discussed on the architecture of Jerusalem and factors influencing the landscape. Ron and Gilbert discuss the archeological museum and other buildings that have physical context in Jerusalem. I agree that culture has a role to play in architecture of the society (Herbert & Ron 90).
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Elhaj, Nadia Abu. Archeology, Natiohood, and Settement. Bloomington: Indiana Univeristy
Press, 2006.
Herbert Gilbert & Ron Fuchs . Hybrid Urbanism. London: Praeger, 2001. Read More
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(Archaeology of Nadia Abu E-Haj Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1)
Archaeology of Nadia Abu E-Haj Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
“Archaeology of Nadia Abu E-Haj Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1”, n.d.
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