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Terracotta Army - Essay Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Terracotta Army Introduction The history of humanity is very complex and requires important archeological artifacts for detailed and accurate description. The artifacts that remained in historic and pre historic human settlements undoubtedly play an imperative role in providing factual information regarding the way of life of the respective communities…
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Terracotta Army Essay
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"Terracotta Army"

Download file to see previous pages Perhaps the most important aspect of the archeological process pertains to the cultural importance that is placed on the particular artifacts. Equally important are the social, economic and environmental deductions that are derived from the process. These offer useful insights regarding how the past is related to the present. It is against this background that this paper provides an in depth evaluation of the Terracotta Army archeological artifacts. Description of Terracotta Army The artifacts are contained in three pits and so far, documented evidence indicates that up to 7000 warriors and weapons have been excavated by the archeologists. The artifacts contain foot soldiers and war chariots that are made from wood. Foot soldiers are basically life like figures that resemble human soldiers. In his study, Dillon indicates that the size of each warrior is approximately 1.8 meters (Dillon 43). Further, they are characterized by broad foreheads and thick lipped mouths. A significant percentage of these have ornate hairstyles. Nonetheless, they generally show a distinct dedication and determination in their duties. This is because their eyes are directly focused ahead into some distance. The soldiers are also presented to be in a fighting position. Their positions are realistic and their eyes very bright. They have wide nostrils and muscular yet very strong legs. These attributes imply that the horses were well maintained and relatively serviceable. It cannot be disputed that this particular population invested a significant percentage of resources in war. This also implies that the communities surrounding the region were hostile and equally invested in different wars in social security. The position of their hips and legs imply that they are ready to gallop. Notably, the artifacts show that there were two different types of soldiers; the artillery and infantry. The artillery soldiers are presented dressed in knee length tunics and short trousers. In addition, they carry cross bows with them, ready to engage in a fight at any time. Seemingly, their uniforms were made from light materials, enabling them to move around with ease. Under battle conditions, these soldiers would probably be dispatched to engage in fighting at any time. The infantry faction on the other hand was heavily armored. In particular, they were presented while carrying swords. With respect to the mode of dress, Dillon cites that they wore shin guards and caps in addition to their normal uniform (Dillon 77). Comparatively, they were also taller than their counterparts. With regard to the weapons that the Terracotta army employed in the war, a significant 11,000 bronze weapons were reportedly discovered by the archeologists. In this respect, each of the warriors that were discovered was armed with a particular type of weapon that was characteristic of that specific time. Seemingly, a significant percentage of perishable materials had vanished. Nonetheless, abundance of spear heads, bronze arrow heads and axe heads were discovered. Certainly, these imply that the soldiers were heavily armed. Other weapons of war that were discovered at this time included daggers and swords (Kinoshita 61). Analysis of the Terracotta War Artifacts At this point, it can be contended that the Terracot ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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