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Anthropology: Reconstructing Lost Civilizations - Assignment Example

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The author of the assignment examines the basic features of the scientific method, scientific knowledge in archeology, and pseudoscience. The author also describes Shroud of Turin's religious artifact and tells about the quest for the ark of the covenant…
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Anthropology: Reconstructing Lost Civilizations
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Extract of sample "Anthropology: Reconstructing Lost Civilizations"

Download file to see previous pages Although scientific procedures vary from one field of research to another, particular features distinguish the scientific methods from other methodologies. Scientific researchers propose hypotheses as a justification of phenomena and formulate experimental studies to analyze these hypotheses. This method is subject to peer review for probable mistakes.

The scientific method is an incomplete explanation of how science works; it requires creativity, imagination, and intelligence. Measurements in this method are usually accompanied by estimates of their uncertainty. Uncertainty is estimated by making repeated measurements of the preferred quantity. Uncertainties may also be determined by considering the uncertainties of individual fundamental quantities that are used. Uncertainty depends on the method of sampling used and the number of samples taken. The full disclosure of this method allows future scientists to reproduce and disapprove of some scientific theories. This makes this method become incomplete in explaining how science works (Fagan).

Scientific process is circular; it has no end. The progress of science tracks some complicated pattern of many interlocking rounded pathways. This is the great erroneous belief of the scientific method. It can not adequately describe the process of science. With this method, there is no proof in science no matter how many experiments agree with once hypothesis, or how much data one has (Feder). All the concepts in science are basically uncertain. The level of confidence in a scientist’s idea increases as he continues to accumulate evidence; as he accumulates more and more evidence that supports an idea, he becomes very confident in that idea. Good examples of such ideas are Newton’s Laws and atomic structure.

Scientists have encountered problems while using scientific methods of research.  The method has been less successful when applied to the investigation of cultural and social phenomenon. There has been a challenge to the applicability of the method to more context-sensitive fields. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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