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The Main Subjects of Anthropology - Research Paper Example

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This study presents Anthropology which involves the task of unraveling the complexities of the biological and cultural aspects of life among various world populations. It is a study of humans as complex social entities in relation to their language, culture, and thought. …
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The Main Subjects of Anthropology
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Extract of sample "The Main Subjects of Anthropology"

Download file to see previous pages Anthropology as a subject appeals to the personal as well as the intellectual side of a person and Sir Edmund Leach the distinguished British anthropologist has called this branch of study his “personal obsession”. Since this stream of study is a way of looking at the world in its multifarious forms, students from any branch of study can take up anthropology as a subject.
Anthropologists, who concern themselves with the physical or biological aspect of humans, strive to study how humans and human behavior and beliefs have evolved to their present state. Their interest also encompasses the genetic and behavioral relation with other primates, who may be non-human. Social anthropologists concern themselves with the study of people and their societies, the establishment of stable agricultural production and life within a community. These scholars interest themselves in the religious beliefs, practices, customs, traditions, arts, and architecture, the way of dressing and living and various social parameters of life that encompasses people living together in society.
When we look at anthropology from a historical angle and as a subject that delves into the lifestyles of various peoples from all over the world, the earliest reference to this subject may be found in the writings of Herodotus, the 5th century Greek Historian. Herodotus has given accurate and insightful details of the life of the peoples who lived in the Greek colonies around the Mediterranean and North Africa. These descriptions of the indigenous populations can be considered as the first ethnographic anthropological studies to have been documented. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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