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Attributes of a Culture Formed by the ISIS - Assignment Example

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The essay "Attributes of a Culture Formed by the ISIS" analyzes how children are reared in Raqqa under ISIS rule, the main rules of behavior under ISIS control, the status of women under ISIS, various ways that non-Sunnis, Yazidis, Kurds, and Christians are treated…
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Attributes of a Culture Formed by the ISIS
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"Attributes of a Culture Formed by the ISIS"

Download file to see previous pages The religious seminars have been enforced for pharmacists that they have to pay their presence for the importance to being allowed to carry on operating their businesses. In various parts of Iraq, the ISIS has imposed taxes on local people business should pay taxes. Cars entering into the state have to pay tax. Other religions have to pay tax, for instance, the Christians. The ISIS has also imposed sweeping restrictions on personal freedom implying that women must wear the niqab, or face unspecified punishments. Every person under the control of ISIS should always carry a ‘repentance card, which is a paper testifying that a person has ‘repented’ from his or her heretical past. Status of women under ISIS In ISIS, the group has released a manifesto that illustrates the role of women in the jihadist group which say that it is ‘legitimate' for girls to get married to fighters whoa re at nine years and emphasizing their role as wives, homemakers or even mothers. The ISIS believes that women should be kept at home unless an emergency occurs that requires them to get out of the home. When they leave their homes, they should wear the niqab. Under ISIS, Arab women are encouraged to go to ISIS Islamic countries such as the Iraq and Syrian, where they are asked to live the ‘sedentary’ lifestyle that is guided by the responsibilities in the home, which is considered to be their ‘divinely appointed right’ in line with Shariah as well as the life’s methodology that God ordained it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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