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In the movie we can see the stories of people who suffer from anorexia. In these cases it is possible to trace how cultural prejudices are acting against…
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Download file to see previous pages Anorexia is a bit similar to drug addiction. A person is sure that by means of starvation he/she will get rid of "surplus" of weight, and then will start living as before. But, unfortunately, it is not so. The fact is that the organism is gradually getting used to feeling of hunger and soon starts refusing food. Over time it brings complications. Failure of digestion process leads to reduction of delivery of the useful substances to an organism. The lack of calcium negatively influences the structure of bones. Hormonal failure leads to violation of activity of a thyroid gland, change of a menstrual cycle that can lead to infertility. Anorexia is accompanied by memory and attention impairment. From the movie we can learn that the treatment of such illness is a rather long process, which includes not only the establishment of healthy nutrition, but psychological assistance of both experts and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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