One of the exhibits from San Francisco academy of science museum that relates to physical anthropology - Essay Example

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The museums display the excavated remains of early humankind, most of which are anthropoid. Thus, studies and subsequent analysis attempt to relate the remains…
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One of the exhibits from San Francisco academy of science museum that relates to physical anthropology
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Download file to see previous pages nt life forms is to gain a detailed understanding regarding the evolution of modern species of animals, including human beings, which posit a relation to physical anthropology. Additionally, the paper attempts to highlight the behavioral patterns of these life forms. Through these exhibits, it is possible to piece together evidence of man and the life he lived in the ancient times. Such evidence makes it possible to estimate the exact period in which the said hominid lived, the habits and lifestyle he was accustomed to, as well as other dynamics he faced. Through the study of Selam, it is possible to prove numerous facts concerning the existence of early man.
The Academy has the remains of an ancient child by the name Selam. These remains belong to a three-year-old child of the Australopithecus afarensis species. The fossils of Selam were discovered in Dikika in Ethiopia, four kilometers from where Lucy was found. ‘Lucy’ is believed by many archeologists to be the mother of Selam.The vestigial remains found consists of an entire torso, plus the arms and legs. Further indications suggest that the remains of Selam were buried after an event of great significance such as a flood. At the time of her death, Selam already possessed visible characteristics of her species, and these were already distinctively noticeable.
The postcranial skeleton of Selam brings about many questions as to how she was able to cope with the landscape that she was in. However, research suggests that she was a creature who walked on two legs. Many researchers question how she was able to walk bipedally because its upper body contained many primitive traits. The lower body, however, shows visible adaptations that proved capability to walk. Selam had legs that were built for walking and fingers that were built for climbing. Many features on the body of this species suggest that she was also an arboreal creature (Price, 2012).
Further analysis of Selam suggests that she possesses shoulder ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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