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Nature and landscapes are nothing more than sedimented history - Essay Example

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Human activities do not touch most of the twenty-first-century landscapes. In the earth, there is no place that is unaffected by the human activities. People make part of the while…
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Nature and landscapes are nothing more than sedimented history
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"Nature and landscapes are nothing more than sedimented history"

Download file to see previous pages Once it regains, its original shape one may not be able to tell the difference between the original and the restored form (McKibben, 2009). Thus, is easier to say the landscapes and nature are just but a sentiment of history. The views can change but with time, they can regain their original shape and appearance. This fact makes the idea that the landscape and nature to be termed to just but a history. Since history repeats itself the same, the nature can repeat itself once it has been altered. When people settle in a place, they change position in a manner that the area can be habitable. If the same place can be abandoned for a while, it regains its original shape, and the earlier vegetation can cover the ground. Thus, the landscape and nature is just a repetitive occurrence that can repeat itself like the way history does.
Taking a case of the white settlers who invaded the Zimbabwean country and settled there. This aspect can be treated as a case of the British where they found the nation being scorched and had no enough water to allow them to practice farming. The British had to change the landscape, and the landscape was changed they brought a new one. The new landscape was full of water from the dams, and they had conserved the soil well and the land was good for arable purposes. Thus, the new appearance of the area was good enough to allow many farming activities. Wildlife could at that time be well supported by the new look of the environment. The British changed the landscape to own it and performed their activities (Hughes, 2010). They used the water that was in the dams that they constructed to irrigate and support the wildlife. Maybe long ago the same place had a lot waters and was supporting wildlife, and it reached a point that the climate changed. It to be so dry that the animal was no more supported by the prevailing conditions. When the British came to the place, they changed the nature may be top the look of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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