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This is a 1984 film about the experiences of two journalists, Dith Pran, who is Cambodian and Sydney Schanberg, who is American in Democratic Kampuchea. Dith Pran was an interpreter for The New York Times who covered the invasion of Cambodia when the country eventually fell to…
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Extra credits
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"Extra credits"

Download file to see previous pages Dith Pran had suffered a great deal for approximately four years before he was able to escape to a refugee camp. Here he was later rescued and reunited with his friend Schanberg. The evacuation from Saigon led to clearing of and falls in Phnom Penh paved way for a more ruthless Khmer Rouge that led to the ruthless genocide in which a lot of people lost their lives (Dawn, Remsing, Hmong Folklore).
The film tried to preserve the historical accuracy and ideologies and the portrayal of events as they happened. A lot is learned from the film, even though, the producers skipped some issues that occurred. They try to keep the most important issues like cultures to give the film the touch of Cambodia setting and portray the genocide picture in a clear way especially when panic and desperation arises when violence breaks out.
This is an American film that talks about Hmong American community and a retired auto worker Walt Kowalski. Kowalski is a lonely man since his children do not really care about him. In addition, the neighbours he was used to had moved to other places and others passed away and misplaced by Hmong immigrants from Southeast Asia who he hated so much. His life was a quiet one until someone tried to still his Gran Torino.
From this event, a young man called Thao is introduced to Walt’s life when his gang forces him to go and steal Walt’s Gran Torino. However, he was caught red-handed, and Walt decided not to shoot him. When Thao’s mother and sister Sue discover what Thao had planned to do they forced him to work for Walt as a way of apologising, he was forced to do odd jobs. This relationship of Walt and Thao lead to the change of their lives. They treated each other as a family to a point where Walt includes Thao in his will leaving him the Gran Torino in a condition that he will never try to modify it in any way. He also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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