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Finding George Orwell in Burma - Assignment Example

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You should also advise the youths to while using their social media to access P2P channels to always set their phones and social media tools to lock after a short period of inactivity. This will strengthen security issues. They should also not use remember me function on social…
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Finding George Orwell in Burma
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"Finding George Orwell in Burma"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, while using the social media, the youths should be encouraged to use strong passwords which can be easily hacked by third party members.
You should make main stream media and advertising channels your base for distribution. Most audiences using P2P networks often avoid the use of such kind of channels and by using them to advertise hot topics like trending movies and TV series, they are forced to constantly check their social media tools for updates on what is trending (Becker, 2008).
You should run social media ads along P2P sites as youth audiences browsing through such sites will come along them and if the social media are good, they will be forced to shift to social media sites for more details hence promoting the a relationship between social media and the P2P networks.
To achieve a return on investment in youths assessing P2P channels through social media, you are required to strategize on your digital marketing campaigns. This will you to be efficient and effective on your media and marketing experience as you wills have to increase traffic of P2P channels on social media platforms by delivering appropriate messages which are aimed at targeting the youth. You should be knowledgeable on trending topics concerning the youths like hot music selling and apply sound methodologies to measure the amount of initiative applied to attract audiences through social platforms like face book or twitter (Becker, 2008).
You should apply the social media in developing metrics or marketing analytics to better manage the campaigns and communication channels of P2P channels. This you can achieve through using social media ads appropriately to promote transparency of processes and channels available on P2P channels.
You should also ensure that the social media guarantees for the security of audiences using P2P channels. Since there are fears that the social media holds private and personal information about individuals, the youths can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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