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Halloween as a Ritual of Reversal - Essay Example

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The word Halloween is an abbreviated name for all hallows evening that was believed to be a time of harvesting where the dead would link with the living. In this day, the adults on clothes like children don…
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Halloween as a Ritual of Reversal
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"Halloween as a Ritual of Reversal"

Download file to see previous pages Halloween overcomes the normal order of things in a variety of ways.
Some of the costumes include gown black, like bats. This is mostly dressed because they symbolize that bats always operate during the night. Also, bats are thought to be creepy and this put people to think they would symbolize the link with the dead the other common costume symbolizes the black cat this was due to at the end of the autumn season symbolized the act of reincarnation. Most people believed that cats were more close to witches and this also another reason why they would prefer black cats.
Others costumes that do come in handy are the skeletons this are perceived to show or portray the link between the living and the dead. The skull is unique in its own as it is used to show courage and not afraid of death.
Costumes and masks are dressed to symbolize that during those days one could hide from the evil spirits. The spider web is always common because it shows the stages and process of life as a progress and not a one off thing.
Halloween can be a strong tool in bringing America together as one without any discrimination of race it by portraying The USA as people who had a specific origin. It has grown to be so prevalent in The USA by the fact some of its history was found in there. It has been more popular due to the different race that is in America; people of different backgrounds who have met in one country. The influence of the media and social media cannot be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Halloween As a Ritual of Reversal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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