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1. Who is Cathy Crowe 2. Who is Gabor Mate - Essay Example

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Crowe helped find the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee to agitate for better housing program based on the committee’s declaration of homelessness a…
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1. Who is Cathy Crowe 2. Who is Gabor Mate
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"1. Who is Cathy Crowe 2. Who is Gabor Mate"

Download file to see previous pages The book delves into stereotypes the homeless have to go through as they attempt to improve their living conditions. Crowe also creates the contrast existing in Canada, a country that is considered among the rich in the world but also has some of its citizens being homelessness.
Crowe has also presented lectures on homelessness in different institutions and halls. Crowe serves as Ryerson University practitioner where she visits the institution to interact with students on matters around social justice covering topics such as affordable housing for al Canadians and homelessness in general. Crowe has adopted a practical approach in her lectures, which involves walking through the streets while discussing and demonstrating issues on health, poverty and homelessness (Shahzad, 2013). Due to her input into the homelessness debate, Crowe has received various recognitions including honorary degrees and awards such as the International Nursing Ethics Award while also featuring as the subject in a documentary “Street Nurse” produced by renowned filmmakers Emmy and Gemini (Diebel, 2010).
Maté is a renowned speaker and author focusing on subjects such as stress, various forms of addiction and childhood development. Maté perspective in these subjects involves analysis of situations based on case histories, scientific investigations and personal reflections aimed to encourage, enlightens and empowers people to recover from particular mental conditions. Maté, a professional doctor derives his experience from years he served in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside where he interacted with many patients suffering from mental diseases HIV/AIDs and addicted to hard-core drugs. Additionally Maté has over twenty years of experience in palliative care and family practice.
Gabor Maté’s experience in mental illness is based on his past as a Jewish born in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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