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4000 Year Old Tomb Discovered in Luxor, Egypt - Essay Example

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 This essay describes royal tomb discovered in Luxor online. The tomb was discovered by Spanish Archeologists excavating in Abu Deraa region. The discovery of the tomb was made by coincidence as the archeologists excavated the 17th dynasty Djehuty tomb…
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4000 Year Old Tomb Discovered in Luxor, Egypt
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Extract of sample "4000 Year Old Tomb Discovered in Luxor, Egypt"

Download file to see previous pages The article goes further to reveal that only a month earlier, archeologists had discovered a new tomb in Koba El-Hawa. In this tomb was found nine mummies that are dated to the Late Period. In the same area in which the nine mummies were found, another mummy preserved in a coffin had also been found (Zaki, 2014). Archeologists believe that this mummy lived during the Late Period as well. The discovery of the 4000-year-old tomb would provide more insight into the 11th dynasty and life in the then capital, Thebes. A tomb discovered earlier in the same region that belonged to the 11th dynasty contained a mummy with arches and arrows (Zaki, 2014).
This article specifically relates to anthropology and course material in that it touches on ancient Egyptian culture, and the archeological race in Egypt. Through archeological findings such as ancient tombs, the remains of mummies and the artifacts with which they were buried, anthropologists get to deduce cultural practices of a people and their behavior. For example, in the case of the new tombs that have been found in Egypt, anthropologists get to understand the different dynasties that were established in Egypt at different points in time and how important people (such as kings and princes) were treated when they died. The way royalties were buried in Egypt hint to the fact that ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife; they believed that a dead king/pharaoh continued his rein in another world the reason behind which they were buried with such things as arrows, pottery, and utensils.
The article provides news that is of great importance to members of the public. The article which serves to inform members of the public about new discoveries in Egypt may draw people to tour the archeological sites. The discovery of new tombs in Egypt possibly opens the door for the deeper understanding of ancient Egyptian culture and religion.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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