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Differences between Chimpanzees and Human - Essay Example

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This essay "Differences between Chimpanzees and Human" discusses the two major differences between chimpanzees and humans such as the physical appearances and the social aspects. This research can be used to understand why human beings behave the way they do especially in social contexts…
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Differences between Chimpanzees and Human
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Extract of sample "Differences between Chimpanzees and Human"

Download file to see previous pages Chimpanzees make friends and strengthen by mentoring each other. Researchers state that chimpanzees shave an estimate of 50 close friends and links compared to those of human being that is estimated to be around 150 and 200 (Dale, 26).
The human anatomy has a skin that has limited areas that are covered in hair, in a chimpanzee, all parts of the body other than the face is covered in hair. The skull of a human brain is sustained by a vertebral column while the skull of a chimpanzee dangles forward from the vertebral column. Human beings walk in an upright manner that is enabled by the legs that are stronger than legs, feet that are arched and the capability to straighten the knees that enabling walking, on the other side, the chimpanzees walk on four legs since they have longer arms and knees that are bent. The social life of chimpanzees is largely based on survival while that of human beings s based on needs. Human beings show advanced forms of communication whereas chimpanzees use sounds and gestures that are only known to them.
In this film, the social behaviors of humans surprised me, especially the fact that their social closeness is based on survival. Unlike in other animals such as the lion, there is no territory for the strongest; the chimpanzees live as one big happy family. The other thing that I found impressive is their ways of displaying affection, love, and kindness. They often play with each other, cuddle and hug each other. The adult chimpanzees take care of the young ones by ensuring that they get food and that they are safe from external threats and risk. Finally, I did not realize that chimpanzee s mourn for the sickness or loss of one of them, they are very compassionate (Dale, 34). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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