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Features that Distinguish Primates from other Mammals The primates Prehensile hands and feet, hence they can grasp objects using both their hands and feet easily. Unlike other mammals that have claws, the primates have fingernails on their hands that enables them to grasp food easily as they prepare it for eating…
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Download file to see previous pages This enables them to hold objects firmly in their hands as to avoiding slipping. Most mammals have double mammary glands in their body systems, while the primates on the other hand have two mammary glands in their body system making them unique mammals in the universe. Mammals like human beings have little hairs on their skins, as opposed to primates like chimpanzees that have many hairs that cover most parts of their bodies. This enables them to feel warmth during cold weather since they spend most of their time in the wild. The primates like the chimpanzees have the capability to walk upright like human beings especially when they need to see objects that are very far away (Pika 13). Unlike other mammals, the primates like chimpanzees are able to communicate with sound and gestures with other members of their family. Primates enjoy surviving in social groups with other members of their family as they groom each other. The survival groups are also meant to build structures for self-defense in times of disasters. Most mammals are classified into only one species, but some primates like chimpanzees are categorized into two species. Locomotion In Humans and Chimpanzees Both human and animals are able to walk upright as the move from one place to another with a lot of ease. The chimpanzees are also able to move with their four limps and they limit their upright movement only in circumstances where they need to see further ahead. Human beings walk upright and cannot walk easily with four limps due to their upright body structures. Human beings have a bowl shaped pelvis that support their internal body organs and enables them to move uprights with a lot of comfort. The chimpanzees on the other hand mostly lean forward during their movements and thus do not need to support their organs with their pelvis and so they posses broader hips. Since chimpanzees have broader structural hips, they can move by both hands and legs and the process of childbirth is easy as compared to that of human beings (Pika 14). The bowl shaped pelvis in the humans makes it hard for them to move in fours and complicated the process of childbearing since its in opposition to the birth canal. Human feet are straight with toes at the front, chimpanzees on the other hand have slightly curved feet with strong opposable thumbs to facilitate grasping (Mulcahy). The structural feet of human beings enable them to push directly ahead while walking while the chimpanzee feet are mainly meant for crawling and diagonal rotating movements. Dentition comparison with Apes Human beings and chimpanzees have the same dental structure that is composed of 32 teeth and permanent heterodyne dentition in the lifetime. They humans and chimpanzee are also similar in their dental structure in that their young ones have the milk teeth before they develop the permanent teeth. The main difference between the humans and the chimpanzees is that the former have relatively smaller canines than the latter due to the nature of their eating habits. Chimpanzees eat less meat as compared to human but the meat they eat is mostly hard hence it needs bigger canines to tear it (Mulcahy). The bigger chimpanzees’ teeth are also used for self defense since it scare away the potential its potential threats. The canines of chimpanzees are projected outwards while that of humans does not stick out. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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