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Field Notes 4 - Essay Example

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He is married and has a daughter, which should provide him sufficient insights in regards to differences in perspective in the issue about changes along…
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Field Notes 4
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"Field Notes 4"

Download file to see previous pages He also emphasized that even within the family, individual preference should be respected although he did mention that “the key that most family share is some of the basic belief that we have a higher being. God.” This indicates a cultural value that - despite a reference to the importance of individualism - there is a collective ideal that springs from the group that we belong to. The general attitude of the interviewee in this respect is balanced. There is emphasis on the rights and preference of the person, but there is also the respect for the community and institutions.
One of the reservations I have had with the interviewee’s assumptions is with regards to equality. This is based on my perspective as an individual belonging to a different generation. When asked about gender equality, the interviewee answered along the traditional role-based relations between man and the woman. The former provides for the family whereas the latter cares for the children. The interviewee’s family is structured this way. In addition, he also holds the role of sisters, brothers and the sibling hierarchy as important in the cultivation of the ideal behavior of his children. He also recognized the role of teachers and the community personages such as the minister. I do not have any issue with most his thoughts in this area. But there is the traditional view on gender relations, which I think is markedly different from my own perspective. He thinks that male and female roles are essential - an idea that is no longer true to this day, at least in my opinion. Men can also care for children and if familial circumstances dictate such condition, husbands should have no qualms, reservations or prejudices about taking over the role. I have lived within a generation where rigid male-female roles are practically erased. I can just imagine if the role is reversed within the interviewee’s family. There is a potential ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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