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The Legacy of the Prophet and the Society - Assignment Example

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The present assignment would examine the book by Antony Shadid "The Legacy of the Prophet", in which the writer travels around the Middle East interviewing Islamic leaders and activists. Moreover, the current paper translates the events to the modern society…
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The Legacy of the Prophet and the Society
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"The Legacy of the Prophet and the Society"

Download file to see previous pages In his book, Shadid notes that the face of Islam in the Middle East has changed from one perceived to be wary and violent to a peaceful one. Thanks to Islamic activists who have undergone great transformation helping the poor and providing solace through their social activism. Hashemi also records that the argument in The Legacy of the prophet was mainly based on the change in political Islam. This political change represents the modern Islam and is characterized by advocacy for democracy and non-violence. These Islamic movements have demonstrated a shift from the older militant process to a more democratic process. The modern Islam advocate for moral Islamic commitment and community loyalty, economic justice and a place for women in society, and advocate for a state governed by Islamic Sharia. These would translate into a modern society. Kurzman notes that there are three models of Sharia: Liberal sharia, silent Sharia and interpreted sharia. Some of the issues raised in The Legacy of the Prophet are representation of the models presented by Kurzman. This is particular with the “interpreted sharia”. According to the model, sharia is welcome to interpretation. The fact that modern Islam advocate for democracy and liberalization links them to “interpreted sharia” model. Model is seen as liberal allowing for re-interpretation of sharia. The model also depicts sharia as divine. This aspect is evident in the modern Islams when they advocate for a state governed by Sharia which is divine  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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