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How White Mountain Apache people think about their lives and the landscape in which they are located - Essay Example

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In US, the study is being encouraged to enable individuals to understand their origin and “ancestral practices”. This is vital since many…
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How White Mountain Apache people think about their lives and the landscape in which they are located
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"How White Mountain Apache people think about their lives and the landscape in which they are located"

Download file to see previous pages It also captures comparative elements between the Apache, Hopi and the Shoshone people.
The understanding of the native practices and the shared norms of a community enables individuals to build strong units of engagements. Communities that seek to protect their identity are under obligation to understand their past practices to shape their decisions on various issues “Basso, 1”. This explains the need for the Apache people who had strong beliefs on social and cultural to know their place of origin, prehistoric events and the significance of their “cultural landscape”.
The Apache people who are believed to have originated from India are located within a radius of twenty miles in the western part of the state. They are individuals with strong cultural and social practices that define their lifestyle “Simpson, 1”. Their historical background that is comparable to Shoshone and Hopi people depicts them as hard workers, determined and “place making,” individuals who successfully fought for their rights. They exhibit positive thoughts about their lives and the landscape in which they reside as “a place world” that means their territory. They stated, “We are part of the land, the rivers, the trees and all” “Simpson, 1”. The community members depict themselves as hard workers and good fighters for their rights. This is due to severe prehistoric atrocities that they were exposed to by the assimilation rulers in the US.
Despite the hostilities that made them to “suffer severe economic and political disruptions”, they fought back as a cohesive unit until they claimed their present landscape that is rich in resources. Their lives to date have changed tremendously due to the economic benefits they receive from the landscape “Basso, 2”. They also hold positive thoughts about their landscape that is referred as “a cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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