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Sickness and healing - An Anthropological Perspective - Essay Example

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The essay "Sickness and healing - An Anthropological Perspective" discusses the views of epidemiologist and anthropologist Robert Hahn. He defines sickness as "unwanted conditions of self and or substantial threats of conditions of self that are unwanted"…
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Sickness and healing - An Anthropological Perspective
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"Sickness and healing - An Anthropological Perspective"

Download file to see previous pages Disease accounts; whereby the biomedicine’s recognizes the body as the cause and remedy of sickness and lastly, disorder accounts; whereby the imbalances are the main source of illness and means to cure. He refuses the concept of culture-bound syndrome because he believes that it is based on anthropological and psychiatric notions and; therefore, it is culturally biased. The cultural difference in health and illness presents and makes people understand the symptoms of the disease. He goes ahead to explain that the individual and social experiences of illness are termed as a complex process, and; hence, the physiological expression of these diseases are becoming the main concern among medical anthropologists and something needs to be done. Hahn also gives an example of sociocultural influences on low-birth-weight between black and white infants. He says anthropology and epidemiology are can make a conclusion on this social-medical problem. This evidence can illustrate how the two disciplines can make individuals understand the complexity of a disturbing problem. It serves as a powerful means that shows individuals the benefits of looking at sickness and heals from both sociocultural and biomedical perspectives3. There are different ways in which individuals respond to sickness from one society to another. Hahn concludes that anthropology is exclusively found on investigations of subjective States and expresses that sociocultural phenomena should be included in the medical epistemology and should be practiced4. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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