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Love This is not and but needs to be in FORMAT - Essay Example

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(a) Anthropology is that branch of social science which deals with the social aspect of humans, the cultures, customs, and beliefs of humans throughout history. It is a Greek word which means to be study of mankind literally.
(b) The four sub fields of anthropology are…
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Love This is not and essay but needs to be in ESSAY FORMAT
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"Love This is not and but needs to be in FORMAT"

Download file to see previous pages It basically studies human history, the tools used up to the recent developments by the humans. Linguistic anthropology focuses on the communication skills of humans, including the verbal, non verbal skills over the time and space. Finally the physical anthropology talks about the development of humans and is used in forensic research drawing upon body measurements, bone research and much more.
(C ) Of the many careers available to physical anthropologists, one of them is biological studies. it is a mixture of social studies and biological studies. The two areas which are of interest are human evolution and biosocial variation. It studies living populations focusing on nutrition, child growth and health in societies. The biological anthropologists teach at the universities across the country, others work in government agencies, while the rest are privately employed. it is a stimulating and enriching experience and can fulfill the anthropologists dream as discoveries are made and they get to write all this in journals so that information can be shared with more specialists. Another career which can be taken up is that of physical anthropology. The most common and traditional job openings are found in anthropology departments in colleges and universities. University departments of genetics, zoology, and biology also offer employment opportunities.
( D) The importance of being a curator in the government institutions and museum is a lot. This is because it does not only give the person new knowledge and access to the golden historical information but also brings them into the circle where they are satisfied with the enriching knowledge and new discoveries of the past. It also involves giving education to the younger generation in primary and high schools. This profession is highly sought out after and a lot and only those people who are extensively researched and well informed are hired and it carries with it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Love This Is Not and Essay But Needs to Be in ESSAY FORMAT.
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