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A Comparison Between the Hmong Shamanism and Num Chai, the Healing Dance of Kung San - Essay Example

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In this study "A Comparison Between the Hmong Shamanism and Nu’m Chai, the Healing Dance of Kung San", will analyze two rituals of communication with the spiritual world in ancient tribes. Additionally, the writer of this essay will outline the specific features of each approach…
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A Comparison Between the Hmong Shamanism and Num Chai, the Healing Dance of Kung San
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"A Comparison Between the Hmong Shamanism and Num Chai, the Healing Dance of Kung San"

Download file to see previous pages Nu’m Chai which is the Kung San healing dance, is performed from dusk to dawn. Dancers etch their round path around the fire to the resonance of musical singing and clapping. During the singing and clapping, a number of the dancers keel over; yelling and try to dash into the fire but others hold them back. A number of the dancers may bleed from the nostrils while experiencing sharp bodily ache that prompts them to go into distinctive physical postures. Afterwards, several dancers scream out verbal abuse at the spirits of the departed who prowl in the shadows of the night (Ryan 15).
In both rituals, the shaman is the conventional healer selected by the spirits who diagnose and treat the illnesses. He does so by traveling both worlds and restoring a person’s health. Secondly, there is an element of the shamans getting into a state of trance. They do so in order to cross between the two worlds and communicate with the spirits (Ryan 16). Thirdly, the shamans have to get rid of the evil spirits and forces that cause the sickness and restore health. Fourthly, the shamans chant to get into the state of trance. The chanting forms a connection with the spirits as the shaman has to call them. Lastly, there is an element of music in both rituals. Hmong shamans have drumming which marks the beginning of the journey and rattles to help summon the spirits. In the Nu’m Chai, singing and clapping accompany the dancing (Ryan 17).
The rituals provide the need for emotional connection between the spirit world and the humans. The humans believe the connection between well being and sickness to the spirits that have to be appeased. Secondly, both rituals provide a sense of community and belonging to which members can identify with. This is beneficial to members who receive health after sickness and improve both ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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