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Film GATTACA - Essay Example

The naturally born human beings are highly discriminated in this community (Van 120). This is evident because Vincent who is suffering from physical dysfunctions and heart defectiveness, experiences extreme genetic discrimination. He also has a life expectancy of thirty years due to such defectiveness. The only way he can realize his vision of becoming an astronaut is going through genetic transformation to become a person with appropriate genetic characteristics. To begin with, those who are genetically imperfect are highly discriminated in the community. They even end up failing to get well paying jobs due to their natural disabilities hence they can do the jobs better than the genetically perfect ones if chance is given. Discriminating the natural born is illegal because there is no law against being “in-valid”. This is in Gattaca film when Jerome easily accesses the Gattaca Aerospace Corporation due to his advantageous genetic profile (Van 121). Unlike Vincent, he easily becomes the company’s navigator. Unfortunately, a week before Vincent leaves for Saturn’s moon Titan, his director is murdered. The genetically disadvantaged people are unhappy because they encounter limitations to walk around and that only those with perfect genes easily get the more prominent jobs. The Gattaca Corporation fails to give those with genetic imperfectness like Vincent who is jobless due to his heart condition. Although everyone understands that space exploration are dangerous, this makes sense why Vincent

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misses a chance to get there. However, the corporation is not sure whether he has “invalid” DNA as well as heart defect hence driving away his long-life dream due to his disability. The film also brings out the irony of the genetic perfect Jerome who fails to succeed despite having all the advantages while Vincent who has disabilities persists through his spirit and force of will. A similar type of physical disorder prevents Irene from participating in the space flight (Van 260). These genetic differences show how genetic policy in Gattaca Corporation and the entire world extremely affects humanity of both natural and genetically engineered people. A postscript from the film gives a list of people who succeeded in their life despite genetic differences who would be excluded in modern Gattaca Corporation. Secondly, genetic engineering makes people spend a lot of time and extra effort to support a system they are not sure. A good example is the doctor, who is aware of Vincent’s in valid genetic, but he fails to say it out and keeps his secret. This means that they is no need of him going on with the system testing. No one is upset when Vincent fooled the system; they just shrug it off leaving people with questions of the importance of the system. Moreover, continuous genetic testing is expensive and senseless (Van 11). It makes sense to test someone when hiring but everyday testing is pointless. This evident in Gattaca Corporation whereby every time one enters a building he or she must go through genetic testing which is timely and costly. A lot of time is spend tying up a long queue of people for genetic testing and money is spend to equip the testing system since there is no ban of the naturally born human beings. Another disadvantage of genetic engineering is the imprecise technology used (Van 121). The genetic engineer tries to move advantageous genes from one organ to another.
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Instructor Submission Date Cons of genetically engineered society Human genetic engineering is the change of human beings’ genotype in order to select the best phenotype of a newborn or alter the existing phenotype a newborn or an adult. Human genetic engineering is highly depicted in the film Gattaca…
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