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Major Subfields of Anthropology - Essay Example

Linguistic anthropology delves further than studying languages to explore how humans have developed different languages. It also explores how culture influences people’s language and vice versa. Examples of problems linguistic anthropologists deal with include: how humans developed language since we are the only animals to have evolved such a rich, intricate and complex system of communication, and how languages evolved into the diverse multitude of languages that humans speak in different regions. They also study whether the language spoken shapes worldview. For example, if speakers of a particular language have only six words for colors, and speakers of a different language have over twenty, will people from the second language see more colors than the first? Cultural anthropology is the study of human cultures. Culture refers to a peoples’ way of life. It consists of a peoples’ social organization, economics, political systems, art, language, religion, food and dressing. Humans are the only animals to develop and transmit complex cultures. This is a matter of interest to cultural anthropologists. Cultural anthropology observes the diversity in humans’ cultural practices and hypothesizes on why this is so. Cultural anthropology is further subdivided into Economic anthropology, Medical anthropology and Urban anthropology. Economic anthropology is the study of peoples’ means of production. It studies the modes of economic production, consumption and exchange in different societies. The

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This, says Kelley, causes stereotyping of the “underclass” as per the social scientists own definition of the term and, therefore, the reality of different cultures within that same underclass is not discussed among them. For instance, social scientists in the 60s, generalizes all black culture as ghetto culture, claiming it to be a result of the racist attitude of the society.
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How have anthropologists responded to colonialism in different historical moments
Society plays a big role in the individual lives of the people in it. People interact in various ways and help one another in progress. In the course of progress, conflicts are inevitable which may arise from the differences of the people in the society or from competition which should be a normal part of life for growth.
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Anthropologists in general look at cross-cultural differences in social institutions, cultural beliefs, and communication styles. In fact in recent years with the growing globalization, this subject has gained much more importance. Knowledge about human diversity is helpful especially in the case of global organizations.
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In short, everything related to man comes under the scope of anthropology. It is important to see the world through an anthropological lens because one can know better about one’s own past and present and can see for oneself where he/she
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heory of “Out of Africa” which presents the fact that the present human generation has mainly evolved from Africa and this evolution actually took place 100000 to 200000 years back. Answer: Anthropology is a subject which deals with the evolution of human beings and studies
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These are the people who originally lived in some region before the times of colonization or a nation’s transformation, and possess different culture, tradition and language. Several studies have been and are still being
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The religious leaders of the Muslim community require respect and patience for others. This is evident among the Dalits, which blame the political Ulema for various conditions present at the moment (Shadid 87). For instance, the Ulema led to
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They became extinct; it is not in doubt their close semblance to the early human ancestors. Experts in Hominid research refer to them as man-apes and also ape-man this is because they have features of the two groups,
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skin color of the people in the tropics is darker compared to those in cold areas due to an adaptation to the strong sun in these regions, the amount of melanin in the skin is too high. This has resulted to the darkening of the skin in order to offer protection from the sun’s
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These categories are essential in the study of anthropology and every student must know them. I would also include history of anthropology in my course. Thinkers such as Henry Morgan, Franz Boas, and later the contributions from people like Julian Stewart and Leslie
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modes of production that people choose are influenced by the conditions in which they live. Pastoralists adapt to cattle herding because the arid areas they live in are unsuitable for farming, while people in fertile areas practice agriculture as a means of sustaining their livelihood. The effect of globalization on world economy is also studied. The impact of global trade and how it has stratified countries into developed and developing countries is also studied. Medical anthropology is the study of the interrelation between culture and health. Medical anthropologists seek to understand how culture affects perception of health, disease and illness, the way we handle illness and our response to falling ill. The impact of culture on health has been found to be so strong that culture-bound illnesses exist. This is whereby a medical condition is found to exist in one culture only, such as Amok in Malaysia and Koro in South-East Asia. Such cases offer fascinating study for medical anthropologists. The impact of healthcare interventions for diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS in Third World areas where they are prevalent may be affected by the cultural divide. These cultural differences call for the cultural expertise of medical anthropologists. Urban anthropology is a relatively new field of anthropology that deals with issues of urbanization. It developed to counter the perception that anthropologists only studied “native” and exotic societies but was unconcerned with the rapidly developing urban areas. It deals with issues such as population growth and explosions in cities due to rural-urban migration and the overall impact of city life on dwellers. Physical or Biological anthropology is the study of biological characteristics of human beings. It traces the evolutionary history of humans, their
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Major Subfields of Anthropology Introduction Anthropology is the holistic study of humankind. The discipline observes the human conditions both in cultural and biological aspects. Anthropologists study human beings and human societies from all possible angles to provide a well- rounded perspective of the human condition…
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Major Subfields of Anthropology
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