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The Ethno Science Approach and its View of the Role of Marriage in a Society - Essay Example

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Ethno science is the integration of various societal practices, beliefs, and behaviors in developing a scientific understanding…
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The Ethno Science Approach and its View of the Role of Marriage in a Society
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The Ethno Science Approach and its View of the Role of Marriage in a Society

Download file to see previous pages... They consider the organization of the society regarding several issues, for instance, their structural classification of plants and their uses in relation to the specific societies (Ferraro & Andreatta, 2009). Ethno science is dependent on nature as it requires the indigenous people in order to understand their relationships with their environment. Actually, ethno science stems from the raw knowledge that certain people have on nature in view of their natural environment (Kaplan, 2007). Every ethno scientist would be interested in understanding the people’s knowledge on ethno-botany, ethno-zoology, and ethno-medicine. This information is conceptualized by an ethno scientist to come up with the final finding on societal knowledge concerning nature around them (Kottak, 2008). With the view that different societies have different knowledge with reference to nature and environment, it is extremely important for an ethno scientist to explore the effect of marriage to specific natural knowledge in the society. Marriage in most societies involves transfer of a wife from her indigenous home to a new environment. Interestingly enough, when it happens, different cultures collide or merge and provide the opportunity for the adoption of new understanding of the environment (Moore, 1998). This will be in terms of the societal exploration and exploitation of nature in everyday life; for example, the classification of plants for nutritional, medicinal, and aesthetic purposes. To an ethno scientist, marriage in the society provides a situation in which a blend of natural knowledge will arise through incorporation of the different experiences and knowledge of the two or more people who have been raised in different environment endowed with different plant, animals and other natural features influencing people’s beliefs and knowledge (Percival, 1966). An ethno scientist will conclude that the marriage in the society can help reorganize these peculiar societal knowledge and create a new set of beliefs and practices. The different systems of knowledge coming together necessitate erosion and assertion of new concepts. Since there are many concepts studied by ethno science, the marriage in the society will actually influence some of them (Sanga & Ortalli, 2003). In ethno botany, which involves the societal beliefs on the use of plants and their different roles in the improvement of human life, marriage will ensure that either one of the parties involved gets to learn more about the use of a plant or gets to learn about a totally new plant’s use (Dasgupta & Sarkar, 2005). For instance, various communities use plants in doing several things; this knowledge cannot be known by others, unless there is a very intimate association of two people who come from different societies, possibly by means of marriage. Different communities have used plants for several reasons; they have been used as a cure for snake’s venom, in soaring milk, as well as dyes and cosmetics (Percival, 1966). An ethno scientist will also view marriage in the society as an accelerating factor for environmental exploitation. There is a very close relation between environmental usage and ethno science. Human beings are in constant use of the environment and disturb natural balance in satisfying their needs. In the course of doing this, there can be environmental concerns regarding exploitation; it can lead to the extinction of some plants and animals species (Percival, 1966). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "The Ethno Science Approach and its View of the Role of Marriage in a Society" is quite often seen among the assignments in university. Still, this document opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own research.
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