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Health & Healing in Cross Cultural Perspective - Essay Example

An example of medical pluralism is the Mexican curanderismo within the folk sector (Winkelman 164). According to the textbook, the biomedical standards of testing therapies and medicines are considered inappropriate for evaluating alternative medicine due to the fact that the holistic ethics of one-on-one health care differ from the biomedical evaluation practices. The scientific criteria of testing and using the same treatment for everybody with a particular diagnosis presents a scenario where neither the tester nor the person being tested knows which of the two related treatments is authentic and which one is a control method. Thus, the biomedical standards of testing therapies and medicines are not inappropriate for evaluating alternative medicines as the biomedical standards are more generalized while the alternative medicine are more individualized. I quite agree with the author’s point of view on this topic as he presented logical arguments on the subject matter (Winkelman 186). Alternative medicines are the ethno medical practices that are used in place of biomedical resources, while complementary medicines on the other hand are the medical practices of using multiple sectors simultaneously. Thus, when a medical practice is used in conjunction with biomedical practice, it is called complementary medicine, while it is called alternative medicine when it is not used in conjunction with biomedical practice. Thus, alternative medicine is more like a substitute for biomedical practice,

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Health & Healing in Cross Cultural Perspective
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Health & Healing in Cross Cultural Perspective
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Health & Healing in Cross Cultural Perspective
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while complementary medicine is used alongside biomedical practice to add to the medical options available. The benefit of combining complementary and alternative medicines into a category called CAM is that it is highly effective. The CAM approach helps to deal with the ineffectiveness of the biomedical approach as the social, psychological and political dynamics of the CAM approach makes it very potent in tackling a wide range of diseases. CAM approach also improves the quality of life of patients, it acts as a means of personal growth and it also helps to reduce the effects of biomedical treatments especially drugs. The use of the CAM approach also acts as health maintenance strategy to guarantee the long-term survival of the client as it makes their immune system stronger (Winkelman 188). Former alternative medicines used in the United States of America such as chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths and other alternative medical practitioners have become professionalized due to the need to make them official and improve their chances of becoming legally sanctioned health care services. Without being professionalized, these former alternative medicines would not be allowed to be practiced in the US. Hence, many of the former alternative medicines in the US have become professionalized in order to enable them practice the medical profession in the country (Winkelman 193-194). Alternative medicine has grown popular in the United States due to its potency and high level of efficacy in treating certain illnesses. Alternative medicines have proven to be capable of preventing and/or treating illnesses such as: depression, cold, flu, hay fever, respiratory infections, peripheral circulation disorders, cancer, misalignment of the musculoskeletal joints and some other ailments or illnesses that affect citizens of the United States
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Name of of Lecturer Course 23 July, 2011 Health & Healing in Cross Cultural Perspective Medical pluralism simply refers to the existence of ethno medical traditions within a single society. It is as a result of the contact between different cultures and the result of this is that the health systems of these cultures co-exist within the same society…
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Health & Healing in Cross Cultural Perspective
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