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The Worlds Hunger and Malnutrition Problems - Case Study Example

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The following paper entitled 'The World’s Hunger and Malnutrition Problems' presents food which is one of the better things in life. If people avoid eating, they would automatically go hungry. If they avoid eating for too long, they would eventually die…
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The Worlds Hunger and Malnutrition Problems
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Extract of sample "The Worlds Hunger and Malnutrition Problems"

Download file to see previous pages This has mandated for the world to turn into other ways to sustain the productivity of these crops through Genetically Modified crops (Scott, 2006). This scientifically improvised approach aims at arriving at the potential of solving many of the world’s hunger and malnutrition problems.
Genetically modified crops (GMCs) are plants used in agriculture. Through the use of genetic engineering techniques, the DNAs of these crops undergo modification. In these laboratories, the genetic makeup of indigenous species changes through adding one or more genes to a plant’s genome using genetic engineering techniques (Smith, 2007). Most of these plants develop through the biolistic method or particle gun mediated transformation. The purpose of this technology is to induce new traits upon the plant that do not occur naturally in the species. Scientifically, some of these traits include the ability of the plant to resist pests, diseases, or environmental conditions (Webb & Whitney, 2006). The science of genetically modified crops helps to improve the nutrient of the crop as well as a reduction in the crop spoilage. The inability of indigenous crops to yield sufficient food capable of mitigating world hunger comes from the above challenges that so easily have faced extinction in the wake of genetic engineering (Scott, 2006). To the advantage of many farmers, genetically modified science revolves around the crops they often use in farms. Because of the high regulatory and research costs, the majority of genetically modified crops in agriculture consist of commodity crops. They include corn, cotton, potato (for food and starch), rice, soybeans, sugar beet, sugar cane, sweet peppers, tomatoes, and wheat (Smith, 2007).
The world feeds on these crops, and a boost in their productive capacity would alleviate a big percentage of world hunger. GM crops that grow in today’s today, under the experimental conditions have the modified traits that provide benefits to farmers, consumers, as well as the industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Worlds Hunger and Malnutrition Problems Case Study.
(The Worlds Hunger and Malnutrition Problems Case Study)
The Worlds Hunger and Malnutrition Problems Case Study.
“The Worlds Hunger and Malnutrition Problems Case Study”.
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