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Homework - Assignment Example

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5,792,324 cubic inches/min to cubic yard per hour. One yard is equivalent to thirty six inches and one hour is equivalent to sixty minutes. Therefore, to convert cubic inches into cubic yard = 5,792,324/363 = 124.15. Then, convert minutes into hours by dividing the value by…
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Download file to see previous pages... Therefore, 2.5 tons/square yard = 5500/1296 pounds/square inches = 4.24 pounds/in2
6. 2.1 oz/in2 = tons/acre. One ton is equivalent to 3.125*10-5. To convert oz into pounds = 2.1/3.125*10-5. One square inch is equivalent to 1.59*10-7 acre. To convert square inch into acre = 1/1.59*10-7. Therefore, 2.1 oz per square inch = (2.1/159)*3.125 =6.5625/159 =0.0413 tons/acre
7. 34 square kilometer per liter into square mile per ml. one kilometer is equivalent to 0.62 miles while one liter is equivalent to a thousand ml. to convert 34 square kilometers per liter into square miles per ml = (34 * 0.622)/ 1000= 13/1000 = 0.013 miles per ml.
9. 81 square rd per 20 min to acres per hour. One square yd = 0.00021 acre hence 81 square yd = 81* 0.00021 = 0.0167. Also, to convert 20 min into hours = 20/60 =0.333. Therefore, 81 square yd per 20 min = 0.0167/0.333 = 0.05 acres per hour.
10. 1. 76 tons/cubic yd to oz/cubic inch. 1 ton =32000 oz, hence 1.76 tons = 56,320 oz. Also, 1 cubic yard = 46656 cubic inches. Therefore, 1.76 tons per cubic yd = 56,320oz/46656 cubic inches = 1.21 oz/cubic inch.
11. 150 rods per 6 min and 10 seconds into mile per hour. 1 rod =0.003125 miles while 1 min = 0.0167 hour. Therefore 150 rods = 0.46875 miles and 370 seconds = 0.103 hours. Speed = 0.46875 miles/0.103 hours = 4.55 miles per hour.
12. Theoretical capacity = width (feet) * Speed (meters/ seconds)/8.25. Speed of the combine is 4.2 miles per hour = 6759.24metrs/3,600seconds = 1.88 meters per second. Therefore, theoretical capacity = (20*1.88)/8.25 = 37.6/8.25 = 4.56 a/hr.
13. Efficiency is the product of theoretical capacity and effective field capacity (Field & Solie 124). Theoretical capacity = 7.2 a/hr. field capacity = 64.7 a/13hrs = 4.98a/hr. Efficiency = 7.2*4.98 = 35.86%.
16. Width of 7m = 22.97feet. Speed =6kms/hr = 6000m/3600sec = 1.67 m/s. theoretical capacity = (22.97*1.67)/8.25 = 4.65 a/hr. but 1acre =0.4hectare. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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