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The author analyzes "Dear White People" movie which focuses on the Fred house which is owned by Black college kid’s community. The movie depicts the life experiences of these kids and how they are fighting to survive in life as they are living alongside the white community…
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Analysis of Dear White People Movie
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Movie Summary – Dear White People Dear white people movie is a movie that was filmed in the region of Winchester University (Simien 1). The movie focuses on the Fred house which is owned by Black college kid’s community. The movie depicts the life experiences of these kids and how they are fighting to survive in life as they are living alongside the white community. The president of the house is black but he is dating a white girl who is the daughter of the school’s president. The president of Fred House behaves as if he is white and wears clothes that are similar to the clothes that white people wear and continuously speaks in a taunting manner. The movie depicts that he smokes weed and hides from his girlfriend and everyone. Later on he loses his presidency in the house and another black student who is the main character of the movie becomes the new president of the house. Her name is Samantha; she works for the school’s radio channel. She has a subscriber who is a white kid in the college. Samantha has a very major role of presidency but she fails to do much for the black kids. For example, she kicked out everyone from the dining room except white people. She makes the black people live and eat alone. However, there is a one black guy, who is Lionel Huggins. He was living in the school president son’s house but there the white kids were not nice to him. They used to keep him out while having a party. He complained about the situation to the dean of the school that belongs to the black community. Black community starts to protest for their rights and they fought hard. One black girl named Colandrea Conners who is pet named as coco posted lots of videos but failed to get subscribers. But later she starts posting jokes about how white people joked about blacks. She even started to do joke about black people and got more subscribers. She made a deal with president son’s to organize a big party and she invited everyone. However president of the school said no party can be organized. She invited everyone and a big party takes place. However white people in the party wear costumes that made them look like blacks. They have black hair, chains, all loopy clothes, black masks and act like they are black. The party becomes wild and coco was going crazy about the party. Later Lionel comes to the party with other people and starts acting crazy and goes to meet Troy. He took everyone and came to party to stop it and a fight start and the president’s son Kurt is arrested by the cops and in the end the black students attained their rights in the school.
My opinion
I think this movie quite openly informs about the issue of race in the colleges. The jokes in the movie are all about white and black jokes. I disliked a few parts about the movie especially the huge party that was organized because I never understand why white kids acted like or wore clothes similar to blacks. For me people need to be themselves instead of acting like who they are not. People influence each other but why would the black kids act and behave like the blacks when they mostly hate the black and discriminate against the blacks. All races have different style and character or culture. Even in the movie, when black kids came to the party, they were surprised about the event. They were all shocked because they didn’t feel that the party was going on in an appropriate manner. I am agree with this reaction of the blacks because I even dislike that people give up on their own customs and follow customs of other cultures. Another part in the movie that took my attention was the belief that black people are not racist which was depicted in the conversation that took place between the Dean of the school and Samantha. The Dean told her that her show was racist and she started defend herself by stating that she believed that black people were not racist. However I am agree with the part where she said that black people should have privileges because they had been enslaved for years. That is why what they are doing is for their own rights. Some blacks are quite racist as I have experienced this on my own. During 2008 I and a friend of mine were parking my car and a group of black people and in started harassing us. We didn’t even look at them because we were not racist or we were not thinking anything against the black people. I have a couple black friends and I really like them as friends.
Work Cited
Simien, Justin. Dear White People (2014). IMDb. N.p., 2014. Web. 30 Nov. 2014. Read More
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Analysis of Dear White People Movie Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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