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Accent Training in Hollywood: Analysis of the American Beauty - Term Paper Example

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The author focuses on accent training in Hollywood on the example of American Beauty film. American Beauty is a movie with a lot of themes and lessons and these themes have been portrayed really well through a strong plot, brilliant cinematography, and creative characterization.  …
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Accent Training in Hollywood: Analysis of the American Beauty
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Extract of sample "Accent Training in Hollywood: Analysis of the American Beauty"

Download file to see previous pages The primary themes to which attention has been drawn in the movie are materialism, appearance versus reality, control versus chaos, denial, and repression, loneliness versus feeling connected, change and searching. Each character performs like a supporting agent in one or the other theme of the movie.

According to the Guardian UK’s site: “unless one casts Indians to play Indians, Danes to play Danes, Irishmen to play Irishmen, etc, most accents in Hollywood movies border on caricature” (The Guardian, 2013). Important to note this is rather a statement than a question.

Training the actors in Hollywood for special accents is undoubtedly a crucial yet cumbersome job. Ever since the beginning of Hollywood, the filmmakers have taken their stories abroad for which they need to train their actors for foreign accents. Either the audience of these movies are deprived of knowledge for these foreign accents or their expectations are too high, when they expect perfect speech in a film by the actors no matter what the accent is. Many critiques have made a comparison between actors in roles that they need special accent training and the native speakers of that accent. According to many of these critiques, such roles which require special accents should be left to the native speakers for a better outcome in the final movie.

Any actor in Hollywood having a role in which he/she needs to sound like an Irish athlete, a Russian hitman or a South American business Tycoon, it is likely that they need a voice coach. These coaches have expertise in different accents from around the world and they provide training to the actors for different accents. These accent coaches not only train for the accents they are aware of but keep researching to learn new accents in case of new assignments as they come up. For this purpose, they need to communicate with different people around the world and read literature about their accents. These dialect coaches are no doubt an important element of a film that requires multi-ethnic accents for the actors.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Accent Training in Hollywood: Analysis of the American Beauty Term Paper.
(Accent Training in Hollywood: Analysis of the American Beauty Term Paper)
Accent Training in Hollywood: Analysis of the American Beauty Term Paper.
“Accent Training in Hollywood: Analysis of the American Beauty Term Paper”.
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