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Stop Animation and the Comparison to Newer Techniques in CGI - Term Paper Example

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"Stop Animation and the Comparison to Newer Techniques in CGI" paper states that as the world embraces more vehicles of entertainment and the advancement of technology grows real and characters more impressive, one must wonder at what point the real and the imagined will no longer have a definition…
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Stop Animation and the Comparison to Newer Techniques in CGI
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Extract of sample "Stop Animation and the Comparison to Newer Techniques in CGI"

Download file to see previous pages As with many films, a great creative license is taken with the story, although it retains the original thrills and spectacle.

The great Ray Harryhausen created some of the most advanced special effects of the time within this film. The scenes are exciting and thrilling, although by today’s standards it is easy to spot the differences between what is created and what is filmed from life. Still, the special effects in Jason and the Argonauts are some of the best examples of Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion animation available. The movie is a mythological creature that is the eighth collaboration between producer Charles Schneer and Harryhausen. Ray Harryhausen’s contributions included those of co-producer, co-writer, and co-editor. However, his greatest contribution was, of course, the amazing special effects that would surpass expectations for the early means of producing those effects.

Stop-motion is a process of creating a moment of a scene with a figure, shooting the frame, and then re-positioning that figure for the next frame in the film. Each scene is shot frame by frame. “Harryhausen also came up with a split-screen process that allowed the stop motion models to be placed in scenes with real buildings and people. This lowered the costs of production and made the action seem more realistic. Harryhausen called this process Dynamation.” [Krystek, 1996] A very simplified explanation of dynamization is that it is a painstaking process of blacking out portions of glass providing a background on which a miniature can be filmed and appear to move through a full-sized live-action scene with the effect that the object of the miniature is full-sized. This process helped the evolution of special effects as we know them today.

However, it is just not the mechanics of stop-motion animation that gave the films that used the technique of life. The animator had to understand that his work was as much a character within the film as the work of the actors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stop Animation and the Comparison to Newer Techniques in CGI Term Paper.
(Stop Animation and the Comparison to Newer Techniques in CGI Term Paper)
Stop Animation and the Comparison to Newer Techniques in CGI Term Paper.
“Stop Animation and the Comparison to Newer Techniques in CGI Term Paper”.
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