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Mrs. Doubtfire: Analysis of the Film Using Bergsons Essay on Laughter - Movie Review Example

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"Mrs. Doubtfire: Analysis of the Film Using Bergson’s Essay on Laughter" paper criticizes the "Mrs. Doubtfire" movie, one of the most successful comedies of the last decades. The film has been played several times – since then – both in the cinema and the TV in most countries around the world…
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Mrs. Doubtfire: Analysis of the Film Using Bergsons Essay on Laughter
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Extract of sample "Mrs. Doubtfire: Analysis of the Film Using Bergsons Essay on Laughter"

Download file to see previous pages The story of the movie is rather unusual however it has been well accepted by the public in all countries globally; the success of the film can lead to the development of specific assumptions regarding the quality of comedies produced the last years as well as the characteristics of successful comedies (based on the elements of the film that have been considered as the most successful regarding the laughter caused to the audience). 

In order to understand the potential use of the work of Bergson to the explanation of the sense of ‘comic’ as developed through the particular book, it is necessary to refer primarily to the general characteristics of ‘comic’ as described by Bergson. The above theorist makes clear that ‘comic spirit cannot be imprisoned within a definition; it should be regarded as a living thing’ (Bergson, 2004, 3). In other words, there be no sense in trying to identify the exact characteristics of the comic even if using relevant examples of artistic creations (films, books, articles and so on). On the other hand, despite the fact that Bergson avoids defining the so-called ‘comic spirit’ he presents a series of examples trying to example in which way the comic spirit is likely to be presented to the public. These examples can also help us understand the value of the film under examination; the reactions of Mrs. Doubtfire will be evaluated and understood while the development of laughter throughout the film will be found to be justified (always using the criteria developed by Bergson regarding the characteristics and the attributes of the ‘comic spirit’).

At a first level, it should be noticed that ‘comic does not exist outside the pale of what is strictly human; a landscape may be beautiful, charming and sublime or insignificant and ugly; it will never be laughable’ (Bergson, 2004, 3). In other words, the development of laughter can be only related with the human behavior; there is no case of developing laughter through the objects; it is the human intervention on a specific scene (referring to the issue of producing laughing in the cinema and the television) that leads people to laugh. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Mrs. Doubtfire: Analysis of the Film Using Bergsons Essay on Laughter Movie Review, n.d.)
Mrs. Doubtfire: Analysis of the Film Using Bergsons Essay on Laughter Movie Review.
(Mrs. Doubtfire: Analysis of the Film Using Bergsons Essay on Laughter Movie Review)
Mrs. Doubtfire: Analysis of the Film Using Bergsons Essay on Laughter Movie Review.
“Mrs. Doubtfire: Analysis of the Film Using Bergsons Essay on Laughter Movie Review”.
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