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Classic film research - Essay Example

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One can see that world renowned film directors make use of literary works as inspiration to express their individual freedom. To be specific, most of the film adaptations are different from their literary sources. So, one must not consider a film adaptation as a visual portrayal of a literary source. …
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Classic film research
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Download file to see previous pages Within the context, Ang Lee’s film is noteworthy because he does not try to follow Jane Austen’s literary craftsmanship. Instead, the director attempts to unleash his own individual freedom and artistic craftsmanship. Thesis statement: In the film Sense and Sensibility, Ang Lee makes use of film techniques, (importance given to body language and visual symbols), characterization (changes in the individuality of main characters) and theme (appealing to Austen fans and international viewers/youngsters who like romantic comedy genre), to convey the message of understanding female psychology. Plot summary: The film’s plot is closely related to the lives of three daughters in Mr. Dashwood’s family. To be specific, Mr. Dashwood’s death did not crush the cohesion among the family members because Mrs. Dashwood decided to fight against fate. So, they decided to move to another place, named as Devonshire. Gradually, the plot thickens when Marianne’s (Mrs. Dashwood’s daughter) affection towards Willoughby become futile. Later, she realizes that Willoughby is a fraud and decides to marry Colonel Brandon. On the other side, Elinor’s affection towards Edward creates internal problems in their families. But in the end, Elinor was proposed by Edward. One can see that the major events in the film are interconnected with the internal affairs of Mr. Dashwood’s family. ...
To be specific, he ignored the star value of these mainstream actors and asked them to use their body language to express their emotions. This can satisfy the Austen fans and the western viewers who are interested in melodrama. At the same time, the director was aware that various visual symbols can be used to convey his messages to the international viewers. For instance, the scene in which Elinor is kept alone by her mother and sisters by closing their doors is symbolic of desertion and loneliness. Louise Flavin states that, “A visual representation of the self-indulgence of “sensibility” can be read in the scene in which Marianne, her mother, and Margaret go into separate rooms and slam shut the doors, leaving Elinor alone on the step” (47). To be specific, the closed door is symbolic of miscommunication or internal problems in Mr. Dashwood’s family. Besides, the director knew that he must satisfy both the Austen fans and the international viewers. So, he depended upon film techniques (cinematic techniques) like body language and visual symbols to communicate with his viewers in general. Characters/Characterization: In the film, the director selected Emma Thompson as the main character because she knew the limitations of her leading role. To be specific, Emma Thompson is the mastermind behind the film’s script. She knew that the modern viewers, especially the youngsters, may not accept Jane Austen’s story because the same is not relevant in the modern context. So, she interchanged the behavior traits and beliefs of the main characters, especially the behavior of Elinor and Marianne. Besides, the director chose Kate Winslet as an important character in the film because she was not a familiar actress in 1990s. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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