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How Can Seeing a Live Performance Enhance Your Experience or Reading of a Drama - Assignment Example

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"How Can Seeing a Live Performance Enhance Your Experience or Reading of a Drama" paper describes the main difference between comedy and tragedy, explains how setting influences a play and how writer's techniques set drama apart from other types of literature…
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How Can Seeing a Live Performance Enhance Your Experience or Reading of a Drama
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Extract of sample "How Can Seeing a Live Performance Enhance Your Experience or Reading of a Drama"

Download file to see previous pages The same is the case with human intellect. It receives some inputs which can be called perceiving the stimulus, interprets it in the light of his previous knowledge and experience and then it reacts accordingly and inputs just processed becomes the part of one’s experiences. This is how a person enhances his experience.  There can be a number of sources that stimulate this process of experience enhancement. Two of them, related to dramatics, are reading a drama and a live performance. Obviously, in both the situations, the thinking process in the human being activates upon receiving the stimulus by reading or watching or performing, this stimulus is then interpreted by the brain and then becomes the part of an individual’s experience. But, I believe that live performance can do so in a better manner. It is so because of the fact that in the live performance, one’s visual senses are also being used, besides the auditory one as compared to the only auditory senses in the reading of a drama. Researches show that a person can learn and retain more, thus enhance his experience more effectively, if he uses more than one sense. For example, when I see a drama where I come to know that how a fraud person deceives another person, that would become part of my experience and then I would be able to use that experience, had I face a similar situation in real-time.

The general pattern for the drama is usually the start of the drama, where the writer of the drama builds up the situation. Then he approaches towards a climax, where he tries to bring the interest of the readers or viewers at its peak. This ultimately leads to the end of the drama. The drama can be classified into different types of the basis of the nature of an end. The two broad classifications on this criterion are the comedy and the tragedy.

The tragedy is usually a type of drama that ends at an unhappy note; whereas, comedy is the drama that ends at the happy note. In this context, we can say that the main point of difference in the two is the way the writer ends the drama. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Can Seeing a Live Performance Enhance Your Experience or Reading Assignment.
(How Can Seeing a Live Performance Enhance Your Experience or Reading Assignment)
How Can Seeing a Live Performance Enhance Your Experience or Reading Assignment.
“How Can Seeing a Live Performance Enhance Your Experience or Reading Assignment”.
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