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Since the beginning of the lectures on the arts in this region, I have not only understood them but also love their way of teaching. Being in the Art 112 class, has probably given me more…
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Download file to see previous pages An example is glided door made of bronze created by Andrea Pisano showing 20 scenes in John the Baptist’s life. The rectangles also show eight personification virtues (Kleiner, p. 430). The decoration on the door symbolizes various events an example is one that shows the baptism of people. The artists preferred tempera and fresco techniques that gave 3D renderings of facial expression and gesture. Basing on the history of art in the 15th century, I have learnt about an extensive participation in delicate painting by artists such as van Eyck, Hugo van der Goes and Rogier van der Weyden. The use of oil Paint developed in the 15th century in Northern Europe. In the 15th century most artists still used tempera because the spread of the use oil paint in Northern Europe was slow. Artists concentrated on emotions and realism thus used pattern and rhyming bodies in their work. A close look at the artwork of Wyden and Ghent altarpieces shows the contours and patterns that gave body rhythm to the picture.
In addition, I learnt about use of symbolism in the work of van Eyck in his Flemish art. He shows Giovanni with raised hands taking wedding vows. The presence of the dog at their feet shows loyalty in marriage and removal of sandals from their feet shows that the place is holy. This also shows diversion from using the artwork for the spiritual purposes only like it was done in artwork during the earlier centuries. In the artworks, however, artists included some symbols to give spiritual ideas and emotions. Symbolism, a part of Gothic art became even more important to the artist during this period. The northern artists maintained the late medieval and continued developing the international style. I have also learnt about the advantages of oil paints in artwork over tempera.
From the chapter, the lesson was quite clear on the development of artwork in Italy. The artist ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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