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This review discusses the stylistic devices of mystery in Vernon’s Lee Oke of Okehurst. This style is brought up clearly by Mrs. Oke, who is obsessed with mysterious stories. She often tells stories about her ancestors who are long dead. The stories about her long ago dead ancestors bring a sense of mystery. …
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Vernon Lees Oke of Okehurst
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Literature Review Mystery is one of the stylistic devices employed in Vernon’s Lee Oke of Okehurst. This style is brought up clearly by Mrs. Oke, who is obsessed with mysterious stories. She often tells stories about her ancestors who are long dead. The stories about her long ago dead ancestors bring the sense of mystery. She tells her stories in a queer way that culminates to give an unusual atmosphere. The reasons for cherishing such stories are not highlighted giving a sense of mystery. Close relations between Mrs. Oke and her past is, therefore, evident, and it’s mysterious how she remembers the ancestral stories so vividly (Lee 130).
Relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Oke is also very mysterious. Unlike the expected husband wife relationship, Mr. Oke is full of inferiority complex before her wife. He looks lowly and do not fully take the role of the husbandry. Oke is therefore planning to kill her wife because of the strain in their relationship. Their relationship ends up according to the old prophesy, an occurrence that is a mystery. It is not indicated the consequence of such move. Unveiled mystery, therefore, is presented by the whole relationship between Mr. Oke and Olive Oke (LEE 32).
Mrs. Oke ghost lover is also a mystery. Lockhart, as he is called, is held in high regards by Mrs. Oke. She talks about her every day making and seems to have the strong love for him. The author expresses her fear when Mrs. Oke does not talk about her lover for a week. Realizing that his wife has a ghost lover makes her husband very jealous of her (Lee 151).
Overall, we can conclude that, mystery is a key style employed in the story. It helps explain genesis of various controversies between main characters in Venoms Lee Oke Okehurst.
Work Cited
Lee, Vernon.Haunting; Fantastic Stories. Freeport. New York; Books of Library Press, 1971.Print Read More
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Vernon Lee'S Oke of Okehurst Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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