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This review discusses worksheet to perform analysis as to the stage of moral development to which case, film, story, characters. The review analyses punishment and obedience orientation for example, Bruno falls in this category because he is still naïve and cannot realize why things happen the way…
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Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
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Extract of sample "Boy in the Striped Pyjamas"

First Sur Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Worksheet to Perform Analysis as to Stage of Moral Development to which Case/Film/Story Characters have progressed
Cite/discuss instances - under ANY of the 6 stages - evidencing individuals "highest" level of MORAL Development
©R. DaCosta 2010-2014
Level 1: PRE-conventional
Level 2: Conventional
Level 3: POST-conventional
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
Individual Portrayed
Punishment and
Instrument and Relativity
Concordance Orientation
Law and Order
Social Contract
Universal Ethical
Principles Orientation
Bruno falls in this category because he is still naïve and cannot realize why things happen the way they do. He acts based on instruction from the parents. He lives by the rules in fear of punishment for any misconduct. It is evidenced by his choice to stay in the camp behind the boring site of the fences despite his dislike of the environment because of the fear of punishment if he does the contrary. He perceives her mother’s act of taking responsibility of lying that she cleaned her wound as selfish, but can do nothing about it.
Her attitude changes upon realizing the false stories spread about the Jews. She protects Pavel from the repercussion that would have arisen if the commander realized that he cleaned the son’s wound. She defies authority and treats the Jews with compassion.
Father (Ralf)
He treats his family fairly while mistreats other soldiers, an act that makes him a focus of hatred.
Maria is kind and demands good life for all as she sympathizes with the Jews.
Lieutenant Kotler (Kurt Kotler)
He abides by the punitive laws at work even if it means hurting other people. He fails to get in touch with his dad because those who moved to Switzerland were regarded as traitors.
He is kind to Bruno whose dad is responsible for his detention. The fact that they die holding hands in a gas chamber depicts the great affection that he had for Bruno.
She fails to react when she sees the concentration camps through the window with his brother. For her, as long as there is peace in her environment she can relate to everyone regardless of their personality. She has a crush on Kotler without questioning his actions.
Herr Liszt
She believes in granting justice to her country no matter what owing to the injustices that Germany went through in World War I
Despite the poor treatment from Lieutenant Kotler, he does good to Bruno’s family. He cleans Bruno’s wound and peels vegetables for the family too.
Grandfather (Matthias)
He is happy about his son’s promotion to a commandant and justifies the service he delivers to his country.
Grandmother (Nathalie)
She doubts the work that the son does and discredits the idea that wearing a new uniform suggests that on does good. Somehow, she is sensitive to all the evils happening in the environment and cares about the Jews.
The Fury
He believes that his actions are in accordance with the law and that his ideas are the best. He invites himself to Bruno’s house and acts rudely.
She walks with “Fury” but fears confronting him about his acts for the fear of being punished.
Work Cited
Gibbs, John C. Kohlberg’S Moral Stage Theory. Human Development 22.2 (2010): 89-112. Web. Read More
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