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Response for Japanese film Zatoichi(2003) - Movie Review Example

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Zatoichi is one of the famous Japanese tales that talks about a blind nomad samurai who is gifted with master skills in sword handling. The samurai is famously known as Zatoichi. He survives on gambling and protects himself…
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Movie Response for Japanese film Zatoichi(2003)
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"Response for Japanese film Zatoichi(2003)"

Download file to see previous pages the blind samurai represents the oppressed poor society who struggle for equality in the society through the search for justice for the less privileged. The film portrays the hostility in the Japanese society and the role of the samurai in the struggle for enhancing peace in the society.
The blind Zatoichi is hired by Sukegoro a gang-leader because of his skills. Yakuza Shigezo, the head of a rich powerful opposition gang hires a bodyguard with similar skills as Zatoichi with the aim of creating equality in militant powered between the two rivalry groups. However, Zatoichi manages to destroy Yakuza’s body guard and his entire army and fulfills his quest of protecting Ginzo town and avenging the death of the two geisha sibling’s father. In the Japanese culture, the samurai is a legendary term used to refer to a wars hero who represents the rights of the oppressed minority. Zatoichi is a film that portrays the exact description of the Japanese culture through the display of a blind Japanese warrior and his quest to free Ginzo town from oppression by a local Yakuza gang war that has forced residents of the town to pay excessive amount of money for their protection. In this case, the film perpetuates that the term Samurai is a symbolic version of peace inspired by war heroes in the Japanese ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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