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This essay describes an artist Pablo Picasso. He was a painter, sculptor, stage designer. Based on his worldwide recognition and acclamation of his works, he stands amongst the top artists of the 20th century. His works had large reflection of the ambiance…
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Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth” (Kleiner, 737) (Pablo Picasso) Pablo Picasso was a man of multiple talents. He was a painter, sculptor, stage designer. Based on his world wide recognition and acclamation of his works, he stands amongst the top artists of the 20th century.
He advocated the artists and art promotion through the various art movements that came forth in the previous century. Pablo Picasso’s work transformed as time progressed and his works were guided by the overall progress in the society. He took up art as a hobby and interest as early as at age of eight. He showed signs of being a potential future artist through the skills and interest he possessed.
Child with a Dove that was crafted towards 1901 spoke of the overall talent the artist possessed which would come forth in coming decades.
His works had large reflection of the ambiance and the overall prosperity or depravity that the region possessed in that context. For example the earlier works towards 1900- 1910 marked that of gloom, darkness. Blue Period was an example of such reflections upon the social outlook. The Rose Period that was undertaken right after the Blue Period had relatively brighter outlook to the overall piece of art undertaken. His stay in France helped him exploring new dimensions and he managed working on new models and sculpture. In 1897 he joined educational institutes in Madrid, however being dejected from the financial outcome and assistance, he had to leave the place midway. Also, his dissatisfaction over the level of knowledge and skill that was provided did not satisfy him and he decided to move forward.
Based on his continuous experience and knowledge acquired, Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon was a new horizon and field that came forth through his experience. This allowed Pablo to follow the classical themes and the nude sculpture crafting.
Standing Female Nude was continuation of the overall learning, excellence and refinement in his works. By this time Pablo Picasso had shaped up as a completely creative and unique artist of his times.
He was mindful of the disparity and the oppression and based on his ideas he came up with the work of Guernica in 1937 in which he aimed at comprehending the scenario caused by the highhandedness of the authorities and government in place. His tone acquired satire and comical tone towards the later part based on the prevailing political circumstances. He also drew his self portrait towards 1896.
His works that followed Guernica gave him recognition in the political corridors where he had established his name and his views through his painting. His painting carried the voice of millions who were opposed to the war.
His other works include Luncheon on the Grass, The Rape of the Sabine Women. The Old Guitarist. In recognition of his works, Museo de Picasso, different paintings and sculptures are collected which get attention of large number of visitors every year. The museum is established in Barcelona.
Kleiner, Fred. Gardners Art through the Ages: The Western Perspective. Cengage Learning, 2013 Read More
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