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The Annuciation in Gothic and Early Renaissance Art - Essay Example

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These range from novels, poems, and even paintings. However, paintings were the most popular in the past centuries as noted with the works by Simone Martini, Lippo Memmi and Master/Cycle of Vyssi Brod…
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The Annuciation in Gothic and Early Renaissance Art
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Download file to see previous pages Overall, the painters act as the societal mirror with emphasis in interpretation of complex issues.
Vyssi Brod Cycle was a painting done by Master/Cycle of Vyssi Brod and is dated 1350. The 14th century was manifested with the urge to represent the Annunciation by several painters as observed in the above art showing an angel communicating to Virgin Mary. Master/Cycle of Vyssi Brod, an artist of German descent, use tempera on wood panel to smoothen the linen coating of his painting now located in the National Gallery in Prague (Janson & Janson 123).
This painting is called Annunciation with St. Margaret and St. Ansanus and was done by two artists namely Lippo Memmi and Simone Martini. These were Italian Gothic artists fascinated with the Annunciation concept prompting them to complete the painting in 1333. On the other hand, they used gold on panel and Tempera to exquisitely paint the Cathedral of Siena as dedication to the patron saints of the city such as St. Ansanus and St. Victor. Therefore, because of its brilliant nature, the painting is presently located in Florence, Italy and mostly displayed at Uffizi Gallery. It means the Annunciation of this painting is determined by the entry of Archangel Gabriel into the house of Virgin Mary to bear the message of the son to be born called Jesus.
In terms of Annunciation, the two artists easily compare to original biblical text found in Luke 1:26-38. For example, Annunciation with St. Margaret and St. Ansanus by Lippo Memmi and Simone Martini actually depict the moment Archangel Gabriel has descended from heaven to impart the good message of a son to be born. This is complimented by extras that include the background setting where Mary is seated in a holy place flanked by companions carrying crosses. Alternatively, the props that include the flower in Gabriel’s hand enable the two artists to elaborate the story because it is a representation of a gift (Janson & Janson 128). Additionally, the two ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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