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Rear Window - Assignment Example

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The term auteur is attributed to the auteur theory, which holds that a director of a film mirrors his personal creative vision in the film.
This is a category of an artistic work, which…
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Rear Window
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Download file to see previous pages Bear in mind that this is a different issue than thinking about what happens in the film (though they are closely related of course). What are the bigger ideas to which the film is pointing us?
Fear of marriage and Voyeurism form the principal themes in the film the Rear Window. As the audience, we should not be fearful of marriage and the imagined state of life and understanding each other. For instance, we see Jeffries fears marrying his girlfriend because of an imagined perception that she will not adapt with his lifestyle. Jeffries through his voyeurism finds marriage to be a complicated thing (John, 25). For instance, when he follows up Thorwalds’ marriage, which ends abruptly, he gets discouraged and resolves to denounce the idea of marriage.
4. Identify a number of different analytical positions from which we can approach any film. Define each of them briefly and explain why a feminist perspective has been used so frequently to explain Rear Window.
The feminist perspective is used in the film the Rear Window to reflect the gender role stereotypes. The display of gender roles is best understood through the embracing of the relationship amid the primary characters Jeffries and Lisa (John, 24).
5. Rear Window is now nearly 60 years old. To what extent has it maintained is ability to create fear, panic, and tension in an audience? Do you think it would be a “better” film if Hitchcock had had access to the kinds of seamless special effects we see in modern movies?
The ability to sustain fear, panic and tension for over 60 years since the production of the Rear Window film is possible because of the setting and the realism expressed in the primary characters throughout the film. Jeffries expresses fear when he makes a decision of not marrying his girl friend (John, 22). The fear that marriage is a difficulty institution attributed to his experience with the neighbors trickles down to the audience in form of panic and tension.
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Rear Window Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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