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Clincal Social Work with African Americans - Assignment Example

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Mental Health is an imperative health issue that has been ascribed to various social challenges; this has compelled various mental health practitioners to formulate treatment plans that would ensure reduction of associated challenges. One of the approaches that have been greatly…
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Clincal Social Work with African Americans
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Download file to see previous pages This discussion will focus on application of this approach to solve the challenges facing Ron, a sixteen year old boy that has exhibited aggressive behaviors and bullying towards his peers, teachers and other members of the society. Moreover, this discussion will explicit how the character of fear towards men and being flat as exhibited by Ron can be solved through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. On the other hand, Ron has a background characterized by a guardian that is drug addicted to crack; this discussion will attempt to identify if this background is contributing factor to the challenges faced by Ron. Theoretical perspectives that can be applied to solve Ron’s mental challenge will also be discussed herein. Consequently, the discussion will highlight and elaborate, whether this mental health challenge is common only among the African-Americans or whether it affects other ethnic groups.
The application of Cognitive Behavioral Approach is imperative to solve the challenge facing Ron. This is due to the massive research that has been undertaken to determine the efficacy of this approach in relation to solving mood challenges, addiction to drugs and substances, personality, anxiety as well as incidences of absentee parents. The use of symptoms in Cognitive Behavioral Approach has been regarded as a factor that has enhanced its efficacy as compared to other psychodynamics approaches.
From Ron’s perspective, it is apparent that his is suffering from various challenges. The first challenge faced by Ron is the fact that he has an absentee father: Research has shown that children that grow in the absence of fathers are likely to grow-up with a violent behavior. This is due to the fact that they tend to be misguided by certain quarters of the society who opt for violence as a means of solving the challenges they face. On the other hand, absentee an father affects the intellectual development of children in a negative dimension. In most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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