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Fashion As A Form Of Art - Research Paper Example

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The essay explores Fashion As A Form Of Art. Though from their definition they seem worlds apart, the relationship between fashion and art is undeniable. This is especially the case at a time when the relationship between fashion and art has grown so close…
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Fashion As A Form Of Art
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Extract of sample "Fashion As A Form Of Art"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Fashion As A Form Of Art" concerns Fashion. As Lyssens states, fashion is as relevant as art in the sense it mirrors the habits and tastes of days ago, teaching us history of others and our own. A well execute art of fashion has the ability to redefine how we see things. It takes a creative mind to have an outstanding couture, skill and ability to use media. In the same manner a painter would work out his dreams on a canvas so does a designer work out their vision on clothes. The designer becomes the artist as the cloth becomes the canvas. The skills involved in both are the same, an idea is made visible by first drawing it, and then it is worked on. If a designer has an idea he first draws it down same as the painter or sculptor. Just like other forms of art, fashion takes into account certain principles such as colour, texture, line and shapes. And fashion is known to follow trends that are artistic as the bond between the two just as witnessed during Art Nouveau cannot be denied. Fashion on the other hand has offer art platforms; witness in the New York fashion week in 2010, the directors incorporated other forms of art such as music, opera and fashion films into the event. Artists like Picasso would design costumes for their ballet dances in 1920 during the Ballet Russes. Fashion media houses have also employed fine artistes to work out their designs as photographers have enabled fashion transform into a street art by turning to the streets to boost their style savvy.
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