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Movie Volcano 1997 - Essay Example

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The rest of the staff was not prepared to handle an emergency on such a big scale.
The above mentioned departments were fighting because they…
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Movie Volcano 1997
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Download file to see previous pages should have taken charge because he was the director of EOC and the situation required the center to take over control since none of the other departments were equipped to handle an emergency. Moreover, a team should have been developed that contained representatives from the departments being involved with Lee Jones heading the team.
When Lee Jones came to know about the gas leak, he went to the site to inspect the damages himself. He started asking questions and demanded answers for the gas leak. He also proposed that the metro station be shut down for the safety of the public. He even went underground to investigate further without gaining proper access.
The experts should be allowed to investigate further because they would analyze the seriousness of the issue. The experts have more knowledge about the issue. They would also be able to provide information on the flow, intensity and impact of the disaster. This would then help the Emergency Operations Center to be better prepared for the emergency. They would devise better plans based on the report by the experts.
Assistant OEM Director took over command after the incidence at the subway train occurred. Before this, he was not willing to accept that an emergency of such big proportions was going to impact the state. However, after the incidence at the subway station, he had no choice but to take notice of the situation.
The seriousness of the volcano was felt when the lava was seen for the first time just before the incident near the LA Brea Tar Pits in the subway train. An entire train derails and Lee Jones is present to witness the calamity with this daughter. Before this, the movie was building up for this scene where steam rising from the concrete led Dr. Barnes to conclude that a volcano was building. However, even then, the depth of the calamity was not understood. This happened only when casualties occurred in the form the train passengers and the onlookers.
He called the OEM center and asked his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Movie Volcano 1997 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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