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The paper explores The Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. The painting reflects certain issues with regards to religion from the point of view of the Catholic faith. The main thing which is being focused on in the painting is with regards to the salvation of hu8man beings…
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The Sistine Chapel painting
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The Sistine Chapel ceiling is one of the great artistic marvels that was witnessed around the 1500s. This painting was done by Michelangelo. The painting reflects certain issues with regards to religion from the point of view of the Catholic faith. The main thing which is being focused on in the painting is with regards to the salvation of hu8man beings through the help which may be offered by God. Michelangelo, through the painting points out that God made the world as a perfect element and placed human beings in it.
The paintings on the ceiling seem to be to be seamless with minimal instances of overlap between the various elements that are represented therein. There are various minor elements incorporated between the images for the purpose of enhancing the decoration of the painting.
Through this painting, Michelangelo wants the target audience to have a rather vivid depiction of some of the elements that characterized the Old Testament. An example of this is to do with the Great Flood, The Sacrifice of Noah and The Last Judgment, just to say the least.
Michelangelo wanted the paintings to be visible especially with regards to the line of site and space. This is why during his work he opted to paint while standing as opposed to while lying on the back. This would bring about the viewpoint of the targeted audience. At the first instance when a person looks at the painting they may get lost. There are a lot of intricacies with regards to the painting. Through this, Michelangelo ensures that the person viewing the painting goes deeper in order to understand what is being depicted. This is as opposed to just viewing the painting from face value without having knowledge of the finer details. This is a feat which he achieved.
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The Sistine Chapel Painting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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