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James Nachtwey - Research Paper Example

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James Nachtwey is a modern day war photographer admired by numerous global people due to his excellent work in revealing the utter inhuman injustices, which citizens in war torn states endure (Fussman 206). During the past three decades, James Nachtwey has focused on covering…
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James Nachtwey
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"James Nachtwey"

Download file to see previous pages I have chosen to research about James Nachtwey because he is a war photographer, which is also my career path after successfully accomplishing my studies (Fussman 206). In addition, this will equip me with the necessary and adequate information concerning his work besides knowing what makes him appear unique compared to other global photographers.
Figure 2: Kosovo 1999; Picture showing a mans imprint after Serbs exterminated him. Accessed on 29Th Otcober 2012 from
Figure 3: The picture reveals the utter reality of a new weapon of "mass extermination" - Famine experienced by South Sudans citizens and other people residing in wore torn states. Accessed on 29Th October 2012 from
All the above images exemplify the same thing and none alters their readings. Mainly, the overriding theme entails the reality of human injustices, which characterize war torn states globally despite their location.
There are certain similarities found between my images and those of James Nachtwey’s, since I am taking after him. The significant similarity is the preference of utilizing black and white colors meant to mild the images’ horrific effects as a war photographer (Webb 64). Since, viewing images especially to some audiences it may be uncomfortable besides influencing others opting not to view them.
Photographer by utilizing this image intended to convey to his viewers the downright reality of famine experienced by the southern Sudanese. This is evident from the victim’s emancipated body where he is unable to walk but crawl from the tent behind him. Hence, this creates a mood of despair, which is evident from the person’s condition, temporary worn out tent and the absence of any vegetation in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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James Nachtwey Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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