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Reinforcing Patriarchal Values in Contemporary Television - Movie Review Example

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In the paper “Reinforcing Patriarchal Values in Contemporary Television” the author analyzes the movie Lost, which illustrates how many of the concepts of the traditional patriarchal society are reinforced through the actions and events that take place on the island…
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Reinforcing Patriarchal Values in Contemporary Television
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Extract of sample "Reinforcing Patriarchal Values in Contemporary Television"

Download file to see previous pages  White women, as the dominant race, were to be protected, pampered and cajoled into obedience while women of other races were expected to serve them and follow much more authoritative directives. While each classification of women – white and not-white – has traditionally been restricted within rigid bounds, the obviousness of these bounds was often softened for white women. A proper analogy for this would be the bird in the gilded cage for white women and the bird in the box for all others. There are numerous examples of this in the first episode of the series as the pregnant white woman is given a protector to watch over her while the recently resuscitated black woman is left lying alone on the beach trying to catch her breath. Another white girl is found painting her nails while she is brought food by a man looking out for her more immediate welfare.
At the same time, men, as protectors and knowledge-holders, are expected to operate according to specific rules of behavior, namely that they were to be heterosexual, virile, yet also constrained and sensible of a woman’s good name. As Jack, Charlie and Kate explore the nose section of the wrecked plane, Jack remains conscious of where Kate is at all times, demonstrating a very protective attitude toward her while no one concerns themselves with Charlie’s whereabouts or welfare. A white woman was assumed to have a good name in society until she proves otherwise; however, even the slightest infraction of social norms could shame her in the eyes of the community. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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