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Gustave Courbet - Essay Example

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The essay "Gustave Courbet" explores the art of this painter. One of his early paintings of this kind was the stone breakers. Here, he attempted to move away from the well established ideas of romanticism where things were over done in order to convey the emotions or meaning. …
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Gustave Courbet
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Extract of sample "Gustave Courbet"

Download file to see previous pages The Artist’s Studio (also known as L’Atelier du Peintre) is also one of his famous paintings that he did in the early years of his realist experiments. After the completion of the painting in 1855, Courbet subtitled the painting as ‘A True Allegory Concerning Seven Years of My Artistic Life’. The painting is a portrayal of an artist’s studio wherein the working artist is surrounded by many people. In the painting, Courbet appears as the key figure in the center, sitting with his canvas and painting a landscape. The studio is filled with many other people metaphorically used by Courbet as the people; some who have had least interest in what he was doing whereas some who appreciated and commended his new style of painting. “The composition comprises roughly thirty figures, divided, to a casual glance, into three or more distinct groups: on the left, an assortment of figures, who until recently have been seen representing various general types rather than specific individuals …… on the right, a number of people who for the most part are identifiable as friends and supporters of the artist, …. and, in the middle of the canvas, Courbet himself sitting painting a landscape under the attended gazes of a naked woman and a peasant boy.” A boy accompanied by a playful cat, stands very near to the canvas and overlooks innocently as the artist is occupied in painting. An unclad female, which is a celebrated subject in the romanticist painting, also stands by the backside of the painter and looks. while Courbet is involved in painting. Towards farther left, a group of men sit with little interest in what the artist is doing, they seem to be occupied in their own activities. Whereas on the farther right, a lady accompanied by other people, interestingly look at his work as if they are appreciating the skills and the ideas of the artist. In the painting, the artist has represented all the classes of people; the lower, middle and the upper class.
The figures represented in the painting metaphorically represent different people whom Courbet has encountered and who in one way or the other, have influenced the intellectual being of Courbet as an artist. The artist attempts to shows the intellectual and physical transition of his studio and in brief he describe how has he been treated by people in general during the seven years of experimentation with realist painting. Some have been indifferent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gustave Courbet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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