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Hunger Games - Essay Example

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Institution Instructor Date Hunger games 2 The ‘hunger games’ is a serial production of the movies with first release dating March in 2012 while the second release being most resent in November 2013 and is entitled ‘catching fire’. The movie is a continuation of the previous episode, which is captured through the 2012 release in the hunger games (1)…
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Hunger Games
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Hunger Games

Download file to see previous pages... The plotting of the previous release covers the disparity in power between formerly thirteen districts but currently twelve and the capitol, which ideally represents power (Collins, 3-18). The capitol district capitol represents the source of power or influence and which is depicted to rule over the rest of the districts. Poverty, hunger and general misery is shown to dominate the twelve districts while great wealth and technological advancement is what characterizes the capitol district. As a way of executing the power, the capitol district invents a mechanism through which food and such other humanitarian aid would be advanced to the rest of the districts through the ‘hunger games’, which are conducted annually. Every district therefore selects young representatives who would participate in fighting contests and the winner defines the district, which will receive the food aid over the year. The capitol district is therefore shown to have the capacity and power to advance food aid to the rest of the districts at will though this is not the case. The program to involve the districts in the hunger games is shown through the literature to be informed by the selfish ambitions of the power district to rule through oppression. In the movie (catching the fire), Peeta as well as Katniss comes back home after they are crowned victors in hunger games for the year. However, winning the 74th games meant that the duo would leave family as well as friends as they embarked on a countrywide tour, which is called ‘victors tour’ and involves visiting all the districts in the country. On the day that the journey was to commence, the president ‘Snow’ visits the 12th district unexpectedly and had to express his disappointment with Katniss for having broken the game rules within the previous annual games in which the two won. Snow’s anger was triggered by the defiance of Katniss’s rebellion, which he blamed to have triggered rebellion among natives in the country (Panem). Nevertheless, the tour commences and the two starts at district 11 where after addressing and congratulating the citizens for their participation in the previous games, horror strikes when one three men are executed after one whistled a familiar tune to many. Among other motives in their travel, tour around the districts was to curtail rebellion and make peace between president snow and Katniss, which never materializes. After winding up the tour and returning home, two district 8 runways reveal Katniss that unlike what was said of district 13, the inhabitants had not been wholly wiped off but that they rather adopted underground shelters where they lived. This leads to announcement of 75th annual games, which was to involve the victors of the previous 24 matches. The common name to such games was ‘Quarter Quell’ and the two victors (Peeta and Katniss) individually commit to protect each other within the games. The movie unfolds and the fight happens within the jungle and despite many deaths, which claims the live of Peeta, Katniss succeeds to direct lightening towards the ‘force field’ having the arena and wholly destroys it. However, she is equally harmed by the force and she paralyzes temporarily only to wake in district 13. It is also revealed to her that district 12 had been destroyed through bombing but the reporting friend safely rescued her family. The main thematic expressions of the movie ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Hunger Games
The author begins the story by highlighting District 12’s day of reaping, which is set to take place at 2:00 pm that afternoon (Collins 2). The author develops and narrates a sense of loss through the young characters when they die after killing each other in the fights.
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The Hunger Games
She is the backbone of her family and the story displays her strong emotions as she gets through the days in order to fight against her toughest competitor, who by chance, also turns out to be her object of love and attraction as the two develop close relations amongst each other.
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The Hunger Games (Book and Film)
After only 17 days, the sale of this film reached $300 million within domestic box office sales. This is a clear indication that the modern culture has extreme fascination with dystopian fiction considering that this genre gives an entertaining, as well as compelling ways of inspiring thoughtful reflection, along with the discussion and debate on the society’s goals, together with the methods and changes proposed for achieving them.
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Literary Critisism: The Hunger Games Movie
Athens meant to send the message to Crete that if they messed with them, they would do a bit more than just killing them--they would kill their children. The sequence does not conclude until Theseus chooses himself to go, and slay the Minotaur (The Hunger Games).
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Hunger games
The brutality and violence also depicted in several of its scenes that involve the reprisal of protesters seemed to be very violent. Many parents find the violence excessive and unusual that they are hesitant to allow their children of read and watch the movie equivalent of Hunger Games.
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The Hunger Games-Outline & Thesis
She meets with Peeta, and they form a bond. In the second part, the games begin and eventually Katniss and Peeta team up. In the last part, the two must face each other, and turn to eating poisonous berries, the announcer declaring them the
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Hunger games
She fired into the wolves, recognizing every tribute. Cato climbed beside Peeta, and Katniss was confused. She thought that Cato would pull Peeta down into the pack of wolves if she shot him. However, she shot Cato on his hand, and
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The Hunger Games movie
Getting a good glimpse of the capitol first enables the viewers to understand the way the things work in the nation as the conversation Caesar Flickerman had with Seneca Crane
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The Hunger Games
Twenty-four other children are also forced to get into an arena to fight each other to death. Katniss is not only a fighter, considering that she would not go down without a fight, but also loyal to Gale, Peeta, and most importantly, her family.
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The Hunger Games
She describes the days following the tragedy (loss of her father) as “it was slow-going at first, but I was determined to feed us… (4.19).” Clearly, this shows that she was committed to help feed the family. She does this even
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